Is it OK to store surfboard in garage?

The bottom line is that you need a place to keep your surfboards at your home, when you are not on the beach surfing. You also need to store them for a few months, during winter, when you won’t be surfing. Your garage is the most obvious place for this. Surfboard garage storage is the most convenient and safe option.

How do you store a surfboard in the garage?

When it comes to surfboard and paddle board storage solutions, this is the most obvious choice: A vertical surfboard rack from a place like Epic Surf Racks. A surf rack can typically store four or five boards, and you can keep them in your hall, garage, or even out back.

Is garage too hot for surfboard?

Yes it is bad to leave a surfboard in the car because the car interior is like a greenhouse with temperatures getting hotter the longer you leave your surfboard there. The temperature inside a car, after 30 minutes on an 80-degree day, climbs up to 115 degrees.

Can you store a surfboard in a shed?

If you can store your board under an awning, on a patio, or in a shed, that can help prevent sun damage. If you are propping your surfboard up, then always protect the tail.

Is it bad to store a surfboard upright?

3. Avoid Storing Your Surfboard on Hard Surfaces. Pressure dings are a big problem with surfboards, and storing your board on a hard surface can increase these risks. This is particularly true when storing your board upright on its tail or horizontally on the rails.

How do I get the yellow off my surfboard?

For a quick and effective way to remove some of the yellowing that has occurred to the fiberglass lamination, use a 3M Scotch Brite pad. By using a gentle application to the surface of the board, you’ll notice an immediate result. The pad is made up of aluminum oxide and is designed for polishing surfaces.

How hot is too hot for surfboard?

Be very careful not to let the board get over 125 degrees. Polyester resin actually begins to soften at about 150 degrees. Foam begins to get unstable at 130 degrees.

Is it bad to leave surfboard in the sun?

Always do your best to minimize the heat and sunlight your board is exposed to, and your board will last much, much longer. UV rays from sunlight will also yellow your board faster. Also, keep in mind that the darker the colors of your board, the quicker they absorb heat and the hotter they get.

Should I store my surfboard in a bag?

Whether you are planning a long trip or simply storing your board at home, you should always make use of a storage bag. A bag or surfboard sock will help protect your board from scratches, keep it out of the sun, and reduce any damage that may occur from knocking it against hard surfaces.