Is it too cold to surf in winter?

Keep in mind water temperature is typically about two months behind air temperature. Winter surfing is generally done in water below 50°F. When it dips into the 30s, that’s a new level of commitment.

When can you surf in Montauk?

The best time to go surfing in Montauk is early morning; as long as you’ve got a sliver of sunlight you can get in the water. The wind is calm, which keeps the water glassy not choppy. Suit up and take the plunge. The grogginess will wear off as soon as you’re out in the ocean, amidst a spectacular sunrise.

Is winter better for surfing?

Winter waves are more reliable than summer swell. Less northerly winds means the swell is smoother and cleaner than warmer months. This makes it much easier to catch a break and ride a wave all the way into the beach.

Is Montauk good for surfing?

Yes, Montauk, the far ends of Long Island, has become a surfer’s paradise, with some of the best breaks on the East Coast. While the crowds head there in the summer, the best time to catch waves there is in the off-season, generally after Labor Day, when tropical depressions and hurricanes bring in the swells.

How do winter surfers stay warm?

Wear a Thermal Underlayer Thermal underlayers, like rash vests, give surfers an extra layer of warmth that can help during cold surf sessions. Wearing a thermal underlayer under a wetsuit can really make a difference in the length of time you can spend out in the icy waters.

How do you survive winter surfing?

Before you go, here are some tips to ensure you are prepared to hit the winter waves:

  1. Make friends. The No.
  2. Watch out for wind.
  3. Wax your board.
  4. Don’t take your gear off in the water.
  5. Keep your chin up.
  6. Pee.
  7. Bring a large Thermos of hot water.
  8. Bring lotion.

Where is the best surf in Montauk?

5 Montauk Beaches To Catch Some Waves For Experienced Surfers

  1. Ditch Plains. Surfers will rate this as the best on the list, because of the long peeling waves that form due to the surface of the ocean being rocky instead of sandy.
  2. Camp Hero.
  3. Turtle Cove.
  4. Gin Beach.
  5. Kirk Park Beach.

How big do waves get in Montauk?

When wave steepness exceeds a 1/7 ratio; the wave becomes unstable and begins to break….Montauk Surf Report.

Significant Wave Height (WVHT): 2.0 ft
Swell Height (SwH): 2.0ft
Swell Period (SwP): 6.7 sec
Wind Wave Height (WWH): 0.7 ft
Wind Wave Period (WWP): 4.0 sec

What do surfers wear in the winter?

For surfing, we would never wear a dry suit, as they are too bulky. For paddling, some people wear dry suits in the winter but our crew usually wear a winter wetsuit for SUP surfing. You can wear a windbreaker on top of your wetsuit for flat water paddling.

How do surfers stay warm without a wetsuit?

If you’re surfing in 63°F (17°C) water with no suit and want to surf for a while, then I’d recommend wearing some thermal shorts under your boardshorts along with a wetsuit top. This will give you maximum warmth without a wetsuit.

What do I need to surf in the winter?

Before You Go

  1. Before You Go. The first step to winter surfing is the surf check, with a mug of something warm, of course.
  2. A changing towel is the ultimate in wetsuit-changing-ease but a normal towel will do.
  3. Once you’re in your wetsuit you’ll want booties and gloves.

Is it OK to surf with a head cold?

So, the big question – should you go for a surf if you have a cold or flu? General advice is to stay under the doona if symptoms are below the neck (fever, etc), and have a fairly easy and shorter surf if above (head cold), providing you feel ok after the first 10 minutes.