Is Lee Joon in a relationship?

Stars Jeon Hye-bin and also Lee Joon-gi have actually always been exclusive regarding their partnership, which started on the collections of 2014 KBS drama ‘Shooter in Joseon. ‘ This April 4, their company, Namoo Cast confirmed that they were certainly in a relationship since very early 2016.

What is Jung So Min doing now?

She made her acting debut in 2010 with a supporting role in the television series Bad Guy. She is known for her leading role in her 2010 TV series Playful Kiss, the Korean adaptation of the popular manga Itazura na Kiss. In 2020, Jung starred in the medical television series Soul Mechanic.

Where is Lee Joon now?

In 2019, after being discharged from the military, Lee Joon started hosting the radio show Lee Joon’s Youngstreet as Joon Haeng Ja on SBS Power FM.

How old was Jung So Min in playful kiss?

33 years (March 16, 1989)Jung So-min / Age

Is Jung So min in a relationship?

The 32 -year-old, So-min has not revealed her present relationship status towards the media. It seems like she currently lives a single life without having any romantic affair. Photo: South Korean actors, Jung So Min and Lee Joon separated from their romantic relationship.

Is Jung So min dating Lee Joon?

Jung So-min’s Dating Story. In early of 2018, a happy announcement was confirmed by Jung So-min’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, the actress is currently dating former MBLAQ’s member, Lee Joon.

Are Jung So-min and Yoon Hyun min dating?

After dating secretly for some time, Jung announced that she fell in love with Yoon Hyun Min in April 2015. The announcement gathered positive responses from the fans and their families, as well. Picture: Yoon Hyun Min (left) and former girlfriend Jung So-min (right).

Who is Jung So-min?

South Korean actress Jung So-min is well known for her role as Mang in Namkoong Sun’s short film, Worst Friends. She is also recognized for her appearance on SBS’s entertainment program, Little Frost.