Is Omega Constellation automatic or quartz?

Most of the Omega Constellation watches including the new Omega Constellation Globemaster are all Automatic watches. There are quite a few Omega Constellation Quartz watches though which are mainly in smaller women’s sizes and a few mid-sized watches at 35mm.

How can I tell the year of my Omega watch?

Omega watches come with a serial number that gives you information on its year of production. An Omega serial number is a unique seven or eight-digit number which is etched into the watch, most of the times into the movement, when it’s produced. For this reason it is sometimes called the movement number.

When was the Omega Constellation made?

THE FIRST CONSTELLATION Named after the eight stars emblazoned on its crest, the Constellation was launched by OMEGA in 1952. Because of its high-quality construction and unfaltering precision, the Constellation quickly became known as “the Swiss watch”.

Where can I get my Omega watch valued?

If you’re interested in selling your OMEGA watch, you can submit a quote request to Crown & Caliber. We’ll determine the value of your watch and sell your watch for the highest possible value. Crown & Caliber is the smartest way to buy or sell a luxury watch.

Does Omega Constellation hold value?

The general rule for Omega watches is that they depreciate in value when bought for full retail price. There are some exceptions to this with certain limited editions, however. Generally speaking, an Omega watch loses between 20-40% in value in the first year.

How do I date my Omega watch by serial number?

Each Omega watch has a seven-digit or eight-digit serial number etched somewhere on it….Omega Serial Numbers (Movement Serial Numbers) Excluding Speedmaster.

Omega Serial Number Range Earliest Production Year
7,000,000 – 7,999,999 1930
8,000,000 – 8,999,999 1934
9,000,000 – 9,999,999 1939
10,000,000 – 10,999,999 1944

What is Omega Constellation?

The Omega Constellation is a nod to the field of astronomy as its name refers to a group of stars which form a particular shape in the sky. Over its 160-year history, Omega has participated in many observatory trials, the only manufacturer other than Patek Philippe to participate every year.

What makes the Omega Globemaster so special?

While the Omega Globemaster is also part of the Constellation collection, its retro 60s design helps it stand out from the crowd. A so-called “pie-pan” dial, which resembles the namesake bakeware, and fluted bezel characterize this series.

Are Omega Master chronometers accurate?

The company introduced 39 and 41-mm models, which they have outfitted with the latest Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibers. These movements are more accurate than many of the other calibers tested by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Furthermore, Omega Master Chronometers can withstand magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss.