Is Pierburg an OEM BMW?

This is an OEM E90 water pump manufactured by Pierburg – the original supplier to BMW for this part, as well as many other electrical components. As the OEM it meets all of BMW’s original design, fitment, and performance requirements and is TUV approved.

Why does BMW use electric water pump?

BMW uses electric water pumps in their vehicles, which are actually superior to their traditional counterparts. Electric water pumps run off of your car’s battery and help you maintain your car’s horsepower and fuel economy.

How does BMW water pump work?

How Does The BMW Water Pump Work? BMWs were one of the first brands of automobiles to feature an electric water pump. The job of the water pump is to circulate engine coolant around the cooling system in the engine compartment. The coolant, in turn, keeps the engine cool and prevents it from overheating.

Who makes BMW electric water pump?

OEM replacement electric water pump, brand new from VDO For one, it sits outside of the engine and is electric. This puts less strain on the mechanics of your cooling system and allows for more efficient operation.

Where are Pierburg water pumps made?

One time use! Don’t forget to pick up a set for your water pump replacement! Made in Germany.

Does n52 have electric water pump?

It’s not a normal water pump, the n52 engine uses an electric pump to increase power & reduce fuel consumption compared to using a normal mechanical pump.

How long do BMW electric water pumps last?

80,000 mile
On these water pumps, we suggest replacement at the 80,000 mile interval. Failure usually occurs very soon after the car hits this milage mark.

What year did BMW start using electric water pumps?

BMW Water Pump Nearly all BMWs from 2006-2018 use an electric pump. Previous to 2006 and many post-2018 are belt-driven pumps. More on this in a minute. The pump works like a water mill – the blades of the pump (impeller) scoop up coolant and push it through the system.

Who makes Pierburg water pump?

20.8 – BMW OE #: 11517586925 / 11517563183 / 11517546994 : Automotive….Technical Details.

Manufacturer ‎Pierburg
Brand ‎Pierburg
Item Weight ‎4.89 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎9.41 x 6.58 x 6.22 inches
Item model number ‎7.02851.20.8

How long does N52 water pump last?

Re: How many of you have replaced your (N52/2.5/3.0) Water P. I had mine replaced after it failed. They are known for going between 70k-100k miles.