Is Pokolbin Upper or Lower Hunter?

Wine region There are three named subregions in the Hunter region. These are the Upper Hunter Valley, Broke Fordwich and Pokolbin subregions. The Lower Hunter Valley is not strictly defined, but in general includes the Pokolbin subregion, along with the districts around Wollombi, Mount View, Cessnock and Lovedale.

Does Hunter Valley have a beach?

The Merewether Surfhouse has a beautiful cliffside view of the beach and a fantastic restaurant, specialising in local and seasonal produce, the perfect seaside spot to breathe in the view.

How do you get around the wineries in Hunter Valley?

Transport within the Hunter Valley: While car hire offers you the most flexibility to get around the Hunter Valley, if you’d prefer not to drive, numerous shuttle services operate to take you between vineyards. This includes Vineyard Shuttle Service and iHop Hunter Valley. Private shuttles can also be hired.

Where is the Centre of the Hunter Valley?

The accredited Hunter Valley Visitor Centre is just outside Cessnock on Wine Country Drive in Pokolbin, next door to Cessnock Airport.

What does the word Pokolbin mean?

in the hell
There is some argument about the origin of the word “Pokolbin”. It was possibly a name used to describe the area by the Darkinjung Aboriginal people meaning “a very hot place” but there is also an argument that it is an Hungarian word meaning “in the hell”. Whichever is correct the origins of the name are complex.

What suburbs are in the Lower Hunter?

The Lower Hunter includes the five local government areas (LGAs) of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland and Cessnock.

How far is the Hunter Valley from the beach?

How far is it from Bondi Beach to Hunter valley? The distance between Bondi Beach and Hunter valley is 124 km. The road distance is 168.5 km.

How do you get around the Hunter Valley without a car?

By train & bus You can catch a suburban train from Sydney to Morisset Station and use your Opal card to pay. Then hop on a connecting bus to Cessnock. The whole journey takes around three hours. Regional Trainlink trains run between Sydney and Singleton, which is a 20min taxi ride from Cessnock.

Are there Ubers in the Hunter Valley?

So, yes, despite what others may believe, uber do have a presence in the Hunter although you may have to wait a bit longer for a ride than you d in the city.

Is Mudgee part of the Hunter Valley?

Within that, the Hunter region is almost as large, and includes most of the wine-producing areas, excluding the metropolitan area of Newcastle and nearby coastal areas, some national parks, and any land that was in the Mudgee Shire (at the western heights of the catchment).

How many days do you need in Hunter Valley?

With so many places to visit and things to do and see in the Hunter Valley, don’t let a little thing like time hold you back from visiting. Three days and two nights is more than enough time to fit in all the best bits and leave you feeling like you just got back from a four-week sojourn to Bordeaux.