Is public surplus legit?

Public Surplus is a good site for buyers who are looking to get a good deal on larger items previously owned by the government. They have a great reputation and good relationship with their customers. Unfortunately, it is only a good site for sellers if you are affiliated with a government agency or entity.

What is a public surplus?

Public Surplus streamlines the sale and purchase of surplus inventory in four important ways: 1. Public Surplus was designed specifically for public agencies. Our system enables agencies to manage their entire surplus inventory, while at the same time maintaining compliance with state regulations and policies.

How do you bid on a public surplus?

How do I make a bid on an item? Enter the amount you want to bid on the item and click the “Submit” button. Before you make an offer on an item however, please thoroughly read all of the terms of the bid, such as payment methods, shipping, and item description. Some agencies have their own Terms and Conditions.

Why choose Wisconsin Surplus auctions?

Wisconsin Surplus is a family-owned business with a long history in the auction industry based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. We enjoy a respected name and reputation for providing professional, full-service, online auction solutions.

Where can I find auctions for sale in the US?

Live auction lane. These auctions are held throughout the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. GSA Auctions is an easy-to-use site with extensive listings in a wide range of categories. Items for sale are government-owned excess property. They’re located or stored all over the country, and include:

How many public auctions does the US hold each year?

The U.S. Treasury holds about 300 public auctions each year throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Property sold at auction was forfeited by owners for tax evasion or other violations of Treasury law.

How do I become a buyer on public surplus?

Click the button below to become a buyer, or Contact Us for more information. Public Surplus gives a guarantee to all of its buyers – you can trust who you are buying from. Only selected, public institutions can sell their items on this site, therefore you always know the auctions come from a trusted source.