Is Saintpaulia an indoor plant?

African violets are one of the world’s most popular houseplants and for good reason. These compact, low-growing plants flower several times a year, and they are available in a multitude of leaf forms and colors.

Is Saintpaulia the same as African violet?

The Saintpaulia houseplant is more commonly known as the African Violet because it originates from Africa and the flowers look like violets (although they’re unrelated). This plant is a newish addition to our homes, only appearing in large numbers starting in America in the 1930’s but has been loved ever since.

What does Saintpaulia mean?

african violet
Definition of Saintpaulia : a genus of East African herbs (family Gesneriaceae) with nodding flowers having five or seven erect sepals, a nearly rotate bilabiate corolla, and two stamens — see african violet.

How tall does Saintpaulia grow?

These large violets grow in a low, compact rosette of layered foliage on a short stem with flowers clustered at the center. Once mature, they run from 8 inches around up to nearly 24 inches (large standard).

How often do you water an African violet?

An important point to remember when bottom watering African Violet plants is to top water at least once a month. This way you are flushing out any extra fertilizer salt build up and refreshing the soil/roots from the top too.

What is the common name for Saintpaulia?

African violet, (genus Saintpaulia), genus of six species of flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae native to higher elevations in tropical eastern Africa. African violets are common houseplants, especially Saintpaulia ionantha, and can thrive in low light conditions and bloom throughout the year.

How long does an African violet plant live?

50 years
Repotting these blooms is so important due to their long lifespan. “Remember that African violets have a very long lifespan and have been said to last up to 50 years,” says Ryan McEnaney, public relations and communications specialist for Bailey Nurseries.

How many years do African violets live?

Do African violets like to be misted?

African Violets do not enjoy misting, but if you really think you need to mist your African Violets, it’s best to do it rarely and when the humidity is below 30%. Misting frequently or for an extended time can cause leaf damage to the plant, which then has a direct effect on the overall health of the plant.