Is Soni a lower caste?

Soni relates to Sonar caste or goldsmith. It comes within Vaishya group of castes and referred to as OBC.

Which caste does Soni belong?

The Soni are a Hindu and Sikh artisan caste found throughout India in the states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are traditionally Goldsmiths and Khatris.

Is Soni a Gujarati?

The soni and swan in Hindi and Sanskrit means gold and those who work with gold are known as soni. Literally the word in Hindi and Gujarati has the same meaning as goldsmith.

Is Soni a general?

Lieutenant General Dewan Rabindranath Soni, PVSM, VSM is a former General Officer-Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C), Southern Command of the Indian Army….Dewan Rabindranath Soni.

Lieutenant General D R Soni PVSM, VSM
Allegiance India
Service/branch Indian Army
Years of service June 1979 – September 2018
Rank Lieutenant General

Is Soni a Punjabi?

Soni is a Khatri clan originating from the Punjab region of India.

Is Soni a good name?

Soni is in top trending baby Girl names list. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple . The meaning of Soni is ‘Preety women, Lovable.

What nationality is Soni?

Soni Razdan (born 25 October 1956) is a British actress and film director who works in Hindi films. She is married to film director Mahesh Bhatt and is the mother of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt….

Soni Razdan
Born 25 October 1956 Birmingham, England
Nationality British
Citizenship British
Occupation Actress Film Director

How many caste are there in Sunar?

Factions. The Sunars are divided into a large number of territorial and non-territorial groupings called alla. Some of the major alla are the Santanpuriya, Dekhalantiya, Mundaha, Bhigahiya, Samuhiya, Chilliya, Katiliya Kalidarwa, Naubastwal, Berehele, Gedehiya, Shahpuriya, Mathureke Paliya, Katkaria and Nimkheriya.

Is Soni a Khatri caste?

What is the history of parajiya soni?

The first reference to the word Parajiya Soni (Gold Smith of Parajiya Caste) is in the year 145 AD. This is believed to be the time when Shree Hinglaj Mataji blessed the Parajiya Kshatriya’s with the art and skill of the Suvarnkar (goldsmith).

What is Shree parajiya soni Samaj?

Since the advent of our elders the population of the community in the U. A. E. has now grown to a sizeable 3000 members (500 families approx.) The largest group resides in Dubai and Sharjah. Our Samaj is known as Shree Parajiya Soni Samaj.

Is This article on parajiya Pattni Sonis in East Africa factually correct?

Please correct following discrepancies in the article on Parajiya Pattni Sonis in East Africa, as this is not factually correct. I have attached a word document with facts and some history for the names within.

Who were parajiya Pattni Sonis of Patan?

Parajiya Sonis during the turbulent period of Muslim invasion, moved from Parajav (Punjab) to Patan (Gujarat). So as they were from the city of Parajav, they were called Parajiyas and since settled in Patan; they were called Parajiya Sonis of Patan and which later became known as Parajiya Pattni Sonis.