Is Sophie Stanbury still married?

Sophie Stanbury Stanbury was married to Caroline Stanbury’s brother Alex but the couple has since divorced. “You go through phases of being extremely angry, extremely happy, extremely hurt, extremely liberated, extremely lonely,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in 2017.

Where is Sophie Stanbury now?

Sophie is currently living in Putney with her two beautiful sons, Harry and Finn. Today, she owns her own design company, whilst juggling motherhood and London’s limelight.

Is Sophie from Ladies of London married?

Sophie’s husband, Alex Stanbury, is Ladies of London queen bee Caroline Stanbury’s brother — which really makes this show a family reunion of sorts. As it turns out, Sophie isn’t just Caroline’s sister-in-law, but she’s also her friend.

Who is Sophie Stanbury?

She was Caroline Stanbury’s Sister-In-Law. Sophie and Caroline Stanbury have been friends for quite some time, but they became family once she married her brother, Alex. Caroline actually introduced the two! These ladies are powerhouses on their own, and together they’re unstoppable.

Are any Ladies of London still friends?

Though we’ve used social media to keep up with Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury, and Juliet Angus since their days on Ladies of London, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the former cast-mates all hang out together.

Is Marissa hermer still married?

Marissa and husband Matt Hermer moved from London to Los Angeles in 2017. Not long after their move, the twosome, who have three kids, opened a family-friendly restaurant called The Draycott in Pacific Palisades, California.

Who is Sophie Stanbury married too?

Alex StanburySophie Stanbury / Spouse

Who is Caroline Stanbury’s sister?

Victoria Elizabeth Sophie StanburyCaroline Stanbury / Sister

Who is Reema Stanbury?

Ed and Reema Stanbury are the co-founders of BLOK London, a boutique gym that, according to Vogue U.K., “is not a regular gym; it’s a cool gym.” Its three locations offer cool classes like “Animal Movement” (which “draws on the basics of animal motion”) and “BLOKBreath” (“dedicated to unlocking the benefits of …

Are Caprice and Ty still together?

After season 1 of Ladies of London, Caprice continued her TV career, appearing on several British reality shows, including The Jump, Celebs on the Farm and Dancing on Ice. She also still acts in TV movies and runs her lifestyle brand By Caprice. The model married Ty Comfort in 2019. They have two sons.