Is Tai-Pan a good book?

A fat, gusty, commercial historical novel that will most probably sweep the bookstore windows on the strength of its narrative, Tai-Pan is a much better book than Clavell’s first, King Rat. It describes the British occupation of Hong Kong in 1841 and an empire built upon opium smuggling.

Is Tai-Pan based on a true story?

ISBN No. This is a real blockbuster of a story set around the establishment of Hong Kong in the turbulent days of the 1840’s. It is not exactly historically accurate, taking huge liberties with established facts.

Who is Tai-Pan based on?

Tai-Pan (film)

Directed by Daryl Duke
Written by John Briley Stanley Mann
Based on Tai-Pan by James Clavell
Produced by Raffaella De Laurentiis

What is a taipan in Hong Kong?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a powerful businessman and especially formerly a foreigner living and operating in Hong Kong or China.

Who wrote the book Taipan?

James ClavellTai-Pan / Author

What is the book Tai Pan about?

Tai-Pan is a 1966 novel written by James Clavell about European and American traders who move into Hong Kong in 1842 following the end of the First Opium War. It is the second book in Clavell’s Asian Saga.

Can I read Shogun first?

Shogun was my first and has always been my favourite. If you read that, this is actually the first of the series, so you’re not missing anything. The next 4 are all related, but I’ve only read the first two. Anna Thanks, that was really helpful.

Who is Dirk Struan based on?

At the age of fourteen, Struan swam ashore and found his way to Singapore. Later, Dirk Struan discovered that Tyler Brock survived as well. By 1817, Dirk Struan was a Captain-Owner of his own ship on the opium run….

Dirk Struan
Tai-Pan character
Created by James Clavell
In-universe information
Gender Male

What is a Tai-Pan in Hong Kong?

Who is the current taipan?

Lord Lawrence Kadoorie, the last of Hong Kong’s great taipans, or magnates, will retire at the end of the year as chairman of China Light & Power Co., a post he first took up 57 years ago, the company announced Friday. Lord Kadoorie will be succeeded by Sir Sidney Gordon, who has been deputy chairman since 1971.