Is there a way to search an entire Excel workbook?

Excel Search Entire Workbook

  1. Display Find with Ctrl + F.
  2. Click the Options > > button.
  3. Open the Search dropdown and change from Sheet to Workbook.

Can you search for a cell in Excel?

Find cells that contain text To search the entire worksheet, click any cell. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select, and then click Find. In the Find what box, enter the text—or numbers—that you need to find. Or, choose a recent search from the Find what drop-down box.

What is the Search command in Excel?

The Excel SEARCH function returns the location of one text string inside another. SEARCH returns the position of the first character of find_text inside within_text….SEARCH allows the wildcard characters question mark (?) and asterisk (*), in find_text.

  1. ?
  2. * matches any sequence of characters.

Can Windows search inside Excel files?

You can search for an exact phrase in the content of an excel file by adding quotation marks around it in the Search box in Windows Explorer.

How do you find or search for text in multiple Excel files?

Highlight each worksheet tab you want to search by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each tab you would like to search. Once each worksheet you want to search is highlighted, perform a Find, and all highlighted worksheets will be searched.

How do you search multiple items in Excel?

First, select cells you want to be searched. Then navigate to Home >> Editing >> Find & Select >> Find. You can also use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut for quick access. Click the Find All button to search the entire selected area.

How do I select specific data in Excel?

Select one or more cells

  1. Click on a cell to select it. Or use the keyboard to navigate to it and select it.
  2. To select a range, select a cell, then with the left mouse button pressed, drag over the other cells.
  3. To select non-adjacent cells and cell ranges, hold Ctrl and select the cells.

How do you search a spreadsheet?

You can find and replace words in a document, spreadsheet, or presentation with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can also search within a file using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + f (⌘ + f on a Mac).

How do you search a value in a column in Excel?

You can use the MATCH() function to check if the values in column A also exist in column B. MATCH() returns the position of a cell in a row or column. The syntax for MATCH() is =MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type]) . Using MATCH, you can look up a value both horizontally and vertically.

How do you search for a Word within a file?

How to Search for words within files on Windows 7

  1. Open windows explorer.
  2. Using the left hand file menu select the folder to search in.
  3. Find the search box in the top right hand corner of the explorer window.
  4. In the search box type content: followed by the word or phrase you are searching for.(eg content:yourword)