Should I tell Arvena?

No matter which story you decide to tell Arvena, she’ll reward you with 300 gold. If you tell Arvena the truth, Arvena will also teach you a bit about Speechcraft, raising your skill. If you protect Quill-Weave’s secret, talk to Quill-Weave and she’ll increase your Athletics skill.

Where can I find rats in Oblivion?

Rats can be found in most sewers and often in caves. Rarely, they may be found outdoors in the countryside. They are one of the first enemies the Hero encounters along with goblins, zombies, and the Mythic Dawn in the Imperial City Sewers.

How do I get my Quill-Weave to admit?

If you talk to Quill-Weave, she’ll deny any involvement. You’re going to have to catch her in the act to make her confess. Quill-Weave will go into sneak mode around 8 p.m. and head for Arvena’s house. You can lie in wait for her there or follow her around Anvil till she gets there, if your Sneak skill is high enough.

How do you get Velwyn Benirus to help you?

Track down Velwyn and convince him to help you break the manor’s curse. Take Velwyn to the manor’s Sealed Portal so he can unseal it. Awaken Lorgren Benirus and defeat him to lift the curse. Benirus Manor will fix itself now that the curse has been lifted; it is fully upgraded automatically.

Where can I find lions in Oblivion?

They reliably spawn, along with a mix of other creatures, in Breakneck Cave west of the Imperial City. They appear to be more common in the area around The Gold Coast, and The Jerall Mountains, though they do not make a presence in Skyrim.

How do I start the Fighters Guild in Oblivion?

Joining the Fighters Guild Head to the main guild halls in either Anvil, Cheydinhal or Chorrol. Speak to the respective head of the guild and join.

What is a Skeever?

Skeevers are large, rat-like creatures that make their nests in caves, sewers, and underground warrens, etc. While easy to kill, they can be a challenge in groups, and carry debilitating diseases. Skyrim Loading Screen. Skeevers are large rodents commonly found across Skyrim.

Where can I find Velwyn Benirus in Oblivion?

Velwyn Benirus is an Imperial scout currently residing at The Count’s Arms in Anvil.

What are ghosts weak to in oblivion?

Ghosts are undead spirits that cannot be harmed by ordinary physical attacks but can be damaged by magic, silver, daedric, enchanted weapons (the weapon does not need to have a charge to be effective), or hand-to-hand (Journeyman) combat.

Where can I find a Minotaur in Oblivion?

The more powerful variant, the Minotaur Lord, only appears in Oblivion. They are often in the areas Moranda and Sancre Tor. They can also be found protecting the Unicorn at Harcane Grove specifically, but are known to wander the West Weald as a whole.

How do you get the mace of Molag Bal in Oblivion?

Once you have reached level 17, offer a lion pelt to Molag Bal. In Brindle Home, goad Melus Petilius into attacking and killing you with Molag’s Cursed Mace. Be resurrected by Molag Bal and receive the Mace of Molag Bal.

Can you join all the guilds in Oblivion?

Major Guilds[edit] These are the five main factions (Guilds) that the player can join; many NPCs also belong to one of these factions. Each faction has an associated questline. Completing the quests allows the player to advance in rank through the guild.