Was body double used in kamli song?

No. She chose body double. YRF has delivered a secret of Dhoom 3’s new melody Kamli featuring Katrina Kaif. Kat is at her gymnastic best in the melody.

Did Katrina do all the stunts in kamli?

While expert acrobats are trained in doing Aerial stunts , Katrina managed to do them and still look flawless because of the kind of work she has put into it”, said a source.

Who performed stunts in kamli song?

Katrina did the acrobatic stunts by herself in Kamli (Dhoom 3) – Page 4.

Who is stunt double for Shahrukh Khan?

Prashant Walde
Prashant Walde has been working as Shah Rukh Khan’s double for the past 15 years.

Does Aamir Khan do his own stunts?

Aamir Khan– Dhoom 3 Not only Katrina Kaif, but the film’s lead actor Aamir Khan also used a body double to do his stunts on his part. Also, Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist for walking extra mile to ace his roles.

Who is the dancer in kamli song?

Kamli. Kamli is a song from the highly successful Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3. Shakti Mohan was the assistant choreographer of the song. In the song, Katrina Kaif is seen performing splendid moves.

Who is Hrithik Roshan stunt double?

Hrithik Roshan’s body double Mansoor Ali Khan, recently shared an update of completing an action sequence for Vikram Vedha remake. The War actor has also used body doubles in films like Agneepath, ZNMD, Bang Bang and others.

Does Akshay Kumar use stunt double?

Shah Rukh Khan with his stuntman, who did most of the stunts for him in the movie ‘Chennai Express’. And Shah Rukh Khan’s stunt double from his movie ‘Fan’. Akshay Kumar likes to perform his own stunts but he also used this stunt double, Shiv Darshan for the film ‘Chandni Chowk to China’.

Does Vidyut Jamwal do his own stunts?

He is a trained martial artist and also an extremely fit gymnast. He is one actor who always likes to challenge himself with intense stunts. His stunts in Baaghi 2 have stolen the limelight and have left his fans super impressed. Vidyut Jamwal impressed all of us with his stunts in his debut film, Force, itself.

Does Akshay Kumar use a stunt double?

Akshay Kumar is the first actor that comes to mind when it comes to Bollywood stars doing their own stunts. With a black belt in taekwondo, Akshay has always been an adrenaline addict and performs all the stunts for his movies.