What are divisions of the Court of Appeal?

The Court of Appeal comprises two divisions: the Civil Division, presided over by the master of the rolls, and the Criminal Division, headed by the lord chief justice. Both divisions hear appeals from the High Court and, through it, from lower courts and several other smaller tribunals.

How many divisions are there in the Court of Appeals?

— Unless otherwise provided by law, the Court of Appeals shall be composed of a Presiding Justices and sixty-eight (68) Associate Justices who shall sit in twenty-three (23) Divisions of three (3) Justices each. The members of the Court are classified into three (3) groups according to their seniority or precedence.

How many Division of Court of Appeal do we have in Nigeria?

There are currently seventy-two Nigerian courts of appeals across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. There are 12 North-Central, 10 in Northeast, 10 in Northwest, 10 in South-south, 9 in Southeast and 11 in Southwestern Nigeria. The headquarter is located at Three Arms Zone, Abuja.

How many judges are in the Court of Appeal in Nigeria?

In 1976, the number of Justices of the Court including the President was fixed at thirty-six (Act No. 43 of 1976). Cap 95 of 1990 Laws of the Federation increased the number to forty-one. 1993 Amendment Act increased the number to fifty and by 2006 Court of Appeal Act, the number increased to seventy.

Who is head of Court of Appeal?

The Division is led by the Lord Chief Justice, currently Lord Burnett of Maldon, assisted by the Vice-President of the Criminal Division, currently Lord Justice Fulford.

Is Court of Appeal higher than High Court?

Civil cases will sometimes be dealt with by magistrates, but may well go to a county court. Again, appeals will go to the High Court and then to the Court of Appeal – although to different divisions of those courts.

Who are the Court of Appeal judges?

Current justices

  • Mr. Justice Daniel K. Musinga – President, Court of Appeal.
  • Lady Justice R. Nambuye.
  • Lady Justice Wanjiru Karanja.
  • Lady Justice H. M. Okwengu.
  • Mr. Justice M. Warsame (Commissioner to the JSC)
  • Mr. Justice M.S.A. Makhandia.
  • Mr. Justice Patrick O. Kiage.
  • Mr. Justice S. Gatembu Kairu.

How many judges sit in a Court of Appeal?

The Court is primarily an Appellate Court. The Court shall be deemed to be duly constituted for the purpose of hearing and determining any appeals, civil or criminal, if it consists of three Justices at a sitting.

Who heads the court of appeal in Nigeria?

Monica Dongban-Mensem

President of the Nigerian courts of appeals
Incumbent Monica Dongban-Mensem since June 11, 2020
Style Honorable
Member of National Judicial Council
Seat 63

Who is the Chief Justice of Appeal Court?

The President of the Nigerian courts of appeal is the head of the Nigerian courts of appeal. The incumbent president is Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, she was confirmed by the Senate on 11 June 2020 after a report from the Judiciary, Human Right and Legal Matters Committee at the Senate .