What are examples of nations critical infrastructure?

Critical infrastructure includes the vast network of highways, connecting bridges and tunnels, railways, utilities and buildings necessary to maintain normalcy in daily life. Transportation, commerce, clean water and electricity all rely on these vital systems.

What are the three elements of critical infrastructure?

Critical infrastructure includes the assets, systems, facilities, networks, and other elements that society relies upon to maintain national security, economic vitality, and public health and safety.

What is critical infrastructure and key resources Cikr?

CIKR stands for “Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources” – an umbrella term referring to the assets of the United States essential to the nation’s security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life.

What are the 3 types of infrastructure security?

Access Control: The prevention of unauthorized users and devices from accessing the network. Application Security: Security measures placed on hardware and software to lock down potential vulnerabilities. Firewalls: Gatekeeping devices that can allow or prevent specific traffic from entering or leaving the network.

Are schools considered critical infrastructure?

Education Facilities, including K-12 schools, is one of the nation’s critical infrastructure subsectors. Several agencies have a role in protecting the subsector.

What are Section 9 entities?

Section 9 entities are defined as “critical infrastructure where a cybersecurity incident could reasonably result in catastrophic regional or national effects on public health or safety, economic security, or national security.”

What is meant by critical infrastructure?

Definition(s): System and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the United States that the incapacity or destruction of such systems and assets would have a debilitating impact on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination of those matters.

Which critical infrastructure is most vulnerable?

Core infrastructure is the most vulnerable in any global crisis due to the massive impacts that an attack or outage would have on citizens. This infrastructure includes the energy, water, transportation, and healthcare systems that are needed every day to survive.

Who is responsible for Cikr?

DHS, in coordination with the SSAs, is responsible for coordinating CIKR incident notification and information sharing among Federal agencies; State, tribal, and local entities; and CIKR owners and operators.

Why is critical infrastructure protection important?

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is the need to protect a region’s vital infrastructures such as food and agriculture or transportation. Every government in every nation has a responsibility to protect these essential critical infrastructure against natural disasters, terrorist activities and now cyber threats.

What is the purpose of infrastructure security?

Infrastructure security is the security provided to protect infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure, such as airports, highways rail transport, hospitals, bridges, transport hubs, network communications, media, the electricity grid, dams, power plants, seaports, oil refineries, and water systems.