What are some chemistry experiments I can do at home?

8 Simple Chemistry Experiments That Your Kids Can Do at Home

  • Cabbage chemistry.
  • Lolly fountain.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Sherbet.
  • Rubber egg.
  • Crystals.
  • Slime.
  • Snot Slime.

What are some of the best chemistry projects?

A comparison of the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Water at Various Temperatures

  • A Penny’s Worth of Hydrogen
  • A study of esterification
  • A study of saponification reactions
  • Acid vs. Teeth
  • Acidity in Tea
  • Activities of Metals
  • Adulterants in Food
  • Adulteration of food
  • Adverse effects of contents of soft drinks
  • What are some cool science fair projects?

    Lemon Volcano. Skip the vinegar volcano and try lemon juice!

  • DIY Bouncy Balls. Learn about polymers while making a DIY toy!
  • Shiny Pennies. A classic experiment that kids love is Shiny Pennies.
  • Regrow Vegetable Scraps.
  • DIY Stethoscope.
  • Simple Circuit.
  • Chromatography 3 Ways.
  • Exploring Density with Salt.
  • Rainbow Rubber Eggs.
  • What are some good science fair project ideas?

    Preschool Science Project Ideas. Preschool is not too early to introduce children to science!

  • Grade School Science Project Ideas. Students are introduced to the scientific method in grade school and learn how to propose a hypothesis.
  • Middle School Science Fair Ideas.
  • High School Science Fair Ideas.
  • College Science Fair Ideas.
  • What experiments can you do at home?

    Plastic Chemistry – Making Slime. Mix a tablespoon of borax into around 75ml of water in the first cup.

  • Soda Volcano. The Quintessential DIY experiment.
  • The Science of Hypercooling. My personal favourite!
  • Rocket Science – Pocket Rockets.
  • The Science of Double Glazing.
  • Physics Magic Tricks.
  • Rainbow in a Glass.
  • Hot Ice.
  • Grow Something!
  • Self Inflating Balloon.