What are some leadership games?

The 9 Best Leadership Games for Skill Development

  1. Pass the Hoop. This game involves having a group stand in a circle and hold hands.
  2. Maneuver the Minefield. First, blindfold one person in the group.
  3. Stand Up.
  4. Improv Night.
  5. Desert Island.
  6. Shape Shifting.
  7. Leadership Crest.
  8. You’re a Poet, and You Didn’t Know It.

What is the John Maxwell leadership game?

Play “The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game” The Leadership Game is a 2 hour interactive experience designed to engage participants in the questions, discussion, debate and idea sharing that help foster belonging, bonding and believing – the essentials for team growth and development.

What are the activities of leadership?

17 Effective Leadership Activities and Games (That Work Online…

  • Setting the climate of a workplace.
  • Inspiring team members.
  • Setting values for their team.
  • Improving team spirit and cohesion.
  • Being responsible for their team’s communication and wellbeing.
  • Developing leadership skills in others.

What types of activities can help a leader build a compassionate team?

Some steps that leaders can take to facilitate inclusion include:

  • Giving everyone a chance to have their voice and opinion heard.
  • Receiving people unconditionally, withholding judgment, and welcoming diversity of self-expression.
  • Creating solidarity by wearing symbols or clothing of communities suffering from adversity.

What are the types of group games?


  • Dramaturgy (sociology)
  • Adventure-based activities (or initiative tasks)
  • Ice-breaker games.
  • Large group games.
  • Psycho-drama.
  • Role-playing games.
  • Trust-building games.
  • Win-win games (also known as “cooperative games”)

How do games promote teamwork?

Video games can be good for teams, according to science For one, game play often mirrors the kinds of interactions that help people work better together in the first place, like pursuing mutual goals, allocating shared resources, negotiating task ownership, and collaborating to solve problems.

What is leadership exercise?

Leadership activities provide that opportunity to practice. They are individual or team exercises that allow you to test and improve your abilities (and the abilities of your team) in a controlled situation. These exercises are very much like the drills that most sports teams run to simulate an actual competition.

How do you lead a team with empathy and kindness?

How to Lead a Team With Empathy and Kindness

  1. Don’t ask people to “earn your trust”
  2. Build great culture to generate speed.
  3. Set the right expectations for new hires.
  4. Navigating the transition to a management role.