What are the duties of a sales associate at Home Depot?

Sales associates with The Home Depot typically provide customer service, including directing customers to products, answering questions about goods, or assisting in purchase decisions. Home Depot sales associates may also perform stocking, organizing, and cleaning duties at the request of the management team.

What are the different job titles at Home Depot?

Retail. Retail.

  • Merchandising – In Store. Merchandising – In Store.
  • Warehouse – Distribution Centers. Featured.
  • Contact Center. Contact Center.
  • Outside Sales. Outside Sales.
  • Store Leadership. Store Leadership.
  • Tool Technician. Tool Technician.
  • Driver/Driver Helper. Driver/Driver Helper.
  • Do they drug test at Home Depot?

    Home Depot drug tests potential employees and current employees to ensure they are complying with its drug-free work policy. New employees will be required to agree to and submit a drug test before they begin working for Home Depot, usually in the form of a mouth swab drug test.

    What do customer service associate Do at Home Depot?

    Customer Service/Sales associates provide fast, friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide assistance. These associates learn about products using our tools, and provide information to customers in order to sell an entire project.

    How flexible is Home Depot with hours?

    It depends on the store. At my store there is zero overtime allowed, and while you can request days off you’ll usually get stuck working anywhere from 7-10 days in a row leading up to your requested day off. 8 hour shift.

    Will you get fired if you fail a drug test Home Depot?

    Additionally, if you fail to appear for the requisite drug test, Home Depot will immediately terminate your offer of employment or present employment. Bear in mind that you can be fired from Home Depot within 24 hours for failing a drug test.

    What happens if you fail a Home Depot drug test?

    If you fail a drug test at Home Depot either as an existing employee or a potential employee, you will be terminated from Home Depot.

    What does a sales associate do at Home Depot?

    His/her job description entails reaching out to customers, assessing their needs, and providing them the assistance that they need. Sales associates provide accurate information about Home Depot products to customers to guide them in their purchasing decision.

    What is it like to work at Home Depot?

    A career as an associate at Home Depot can be quite rewarding for individuals who love working with people. Also, you will be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including helping customers locate merchandise and guiding them to the best purchasing decision possible.

    How do I become a Home Depot customer service representative?

    Get knowledge of services offered at the Pro Desk, Tool Rental, and Special Services Desk and promote them; learn about other Home Depot companies and the best way to recommend them to customers Provide information to DS and IMAs about products that are selling and also inform the IMAs and the Freight Team about merchandise that are out of stock

    What is the job description of a sales associate at JDR?

    Sales Associate Job Description JDR DRAFT (5/15/03) Physical Job Requirements. ƒBending, stooping, reaching, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and moving items. o Requires the ability to move around the store and maneuver merchandise when necessary. ƒResponding to public address system announcements.