What are the main topics in HTML?

5 essential topics

  • The Basic syntax & elements. This is an example of a basic HTML webpage which shows the heading and a line of text.
  • Class | id. Know when you have to use class versus when to use an id.
  • Adding Stylesheets.
  • Tables in HTML.
  • Meta Tags.

How can I make a project in HTML?

HTML Editors

  1. Step 1: Open Notepad (PC) Windows 8 or later:
  2. Step 1: Open TextEdit (Mac) Open Finder > Applications > TextEdit.
  3. Step 2: Write Some HTML. Write or copy the following HTML code into Notepad:
  4. Step 3: Save the HTML Page. Save the file on your computer.
  5. Step 4: View the HTML Page in Your Browser.

How do I write a project report for web development?

Include Key Elements in Your Report on Website Development

  1. Executive summary: Summarize the report in a few sentences.
  2. Goals of the website project: State the goals of your website.
  3. Key performance indicators: How will you measure the success of the project?
  4. Scope: Outline the scope of your website project.

What are the topics in HTML and CSS?

HTML5 and CSS: The Basics

  • Structure text and image content for the web using HTML5.
  • Learn semantic markup new to the HTML standard.
  • Style a web page using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Create hyperlinks to link to other pages.
  • Learn the box model for basic layout.
  • Make web pages accessible and well-formed.

How do I build a project website?

How to Build a Website for a School Project

  1. Open a text editor.
  2. Type:
  3. Save the file as “index.
  4. Register your website for free at any of the free hosting websites that exist on the Web.
  5. Log onto the password-protected area of the hosting website with which you registered.

How do you introduce a website to a project?

Website Design Guide – An Introduction To Your Website Development Project

  1. Examine the current situation.
  2. Determine your goals.
  3. Define your audiences and determine their needs.
  4. Determine Search Keyword Phrases.
  5. Analyse the competition.
  6. Develop Website Design & Structure.
  7. Develop the content.

How do I start a web design project?

10 Tips for Getting Started on a Web Design Project

  1. Set the Expectations Right.
  2. Define the Goal. This one is in direct correlation with the previous point.
  3. Think Audience First, and Solve a Specific Problem.
  4. Put Content First.
  5. Respect Web Standards.
  6. Make Navigation Simple.
  7. Focus on Mobile.
  8. Don’t Disregard Typography.

What are the important topics in CSS?

CSS key concepts:

  • The syntax and forms of the language.
  • Specificity, inheritance, and the Cascade.
  • CSS units and values and functional notations.
  • Box model and margin collapse.
  • The containing block.
  • Stacking and block-formatting contexts.
  • Initial, computed, used, and actual values.
  • CSS shorthand properties.