What are the three occupancy types?

There are three types of occupancy:

  • Principal Residence: The subject property will be a Primary Residence inhabited by the borrower.
  • Second Home: The subject property will be occupied by the borrower for some portion of the year.
  • Investment: An investment property is owned but not occupied by the borrower.

What is occupancy category?

Occupancy category is defined as the purpose for which a building or other structure, or part thereof, is used or intended to be used. “It essentially breaks down to how many people are inside, whether it’s temporary or permanent, and the function of the building,” our engineer explained.

What is h1 occupancy?

High-hazard Group H occupancy includes, among others, the use of a building or structure, or a portion thereof, that involves the manufacturing, processing, generation or storage of materials that constitute a physical or health hazard in quantities in excess of those allowed in control areas constructed and located as …

What is an H occupancy?

What is occupancy Category IV?

both buildings, essential functions in the event of extreme environmental conditions such as flood, wind, snow, and earthquake are located in one building that will be classified as Occupancy Category IV.

What is exposure category?

Exposure category is based upon ground surface roughness, which is determined from the topography, vegetation, and existing structures. ASCE 7 defines three exposure categories: B, C and D.

What are construction types?

In addition to the 5 types of building construction, there are different types of construction projects. These include residential building construction, industrial construction, commercial building construction, and heavy civil construction.

What types of business occupancies are there?

Business occupancies shall include, but not be limited to, the following: Airport traffic control towers Animal hospitals, kennels and pounds Dry cleaning and laundries: pick-up and delivery stations and self-service Educational occupancies for students above the 12th grade Electronic data processing

What are the requirements for a mixed occupancy building in Florida?

FLORIDA BUILDING CODE — BUILDING 4. All other requirements of this code are applied to each portion of the building based on the use of that space. 303.2 Height and area. A mixed occupancy building shall be governed by the height and area limitations applying to the principal intended use.

What is the occupancy of a daycare facility in Florida?

A facility having five or fewer children receiving such day care shall be classified as part of the primary occupancy. A facility such as the above within a dwelling unit and having five or fewer children receiving such day care shall be classified as a Group R-3 occupancy or shall comply with the Florida Building Code, Residential.

What is an occupancy classification?

Occupancy classification is the formal designation of the primary purpose of the building, structure or portion thereof.