What can I do with an old car DVD player?

Below are 11 inventive projects you can try during your free time to reuse your old CD or DVD player.

  1. Add Bluetooth to an Old DVD Player.
  2. CD-ROM Into Vintage Speaker.
  3. Macro Lens From an Old Player.
  4. A USB Player From a DVD Player.
  5. DVD Player Becomes an Audio Amplifier.
  6. Arduino Mini Laser Engraver.
  7. Make a Burning Laser.

What kind of motor is in a DVD player?

brushless motor
The motor used to spin the CD or DVD is a brushless motor, that means that you can’t simply connect two wires in a battery and it will spin, for that, you will need a Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and maybe some mods , following are some instructables with motors like this.

How many Volt is a DVD motor?

10 Days Returnable

Brand Generic
Voltage 6 Volts, 3 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 38.1 x 15.2 x 12.7 Centimeters
Material As shown in image
Item Weight 4 Grams

How to install a DVD player in your car?

Blue painter’s tape

  • DVD player
  • Instructions on how to remove your car’s radio
  • Plastic pry bar set
  • Radio removal tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Towel
  • What cars have DVD players?

    – Sporty styling – Optional turbocharged and V6 engines make it fun to drive – Roomy backseat

    How to replace car DVD player?

    Grab a tweezer Grab a small-sized tweezer,which is so thin that it can easily go into the DVD player’s slot and can be moved without touching other

  • Go inside DVD player and reach the DVD Be extra careful when you put anything inside the DVD player slot.
  • Eject
  • What is the best portable DVD player?

    – Think about the weight of your chosen portable CD player. Make sure it’s not too heavy to comfortably carry from point A to point B. – Look at quality and durability. – Consider where you’ll be using your portable CD player. – Check the warranty on your chosen portable CD player.