What city is the University of Arkansas located?

The U of A has 10 colleges and schools offering more than 210 academic programs. The University of Arkansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Our picturesque campus is located in Fayetteville in the hilly northwest corner of Arkansas and includes two arboreta overlooking the Ozark Mountains.

What county is the University of Arkansas in?

Washington County
The University of Arkansas (UA) in Fayetteville (Washington County) is located in the northwest corner of the state. It is Arkansas’s land grant university and is famed for its traditions, including the unique Razorback mascot.

What major is University of Arkansas known for?

The most popular majors at University of Arkansas include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Biological and …

What is the largest University in the US?

University Of Central Florida
1. University Of Central Florida – 71,948 students. The University of Central Florida (UCF) is the US’s largest public university by student enrolment, with 71,948 students enrolled in the various courses as of the Fall 2020 semester.

Is University of Arkansas a good school?

The University of Arkansas is consistently ranked among the nation’s best college values by many publications and has some of the top programs in the nation. The Sam M. Walton College of Business has been one of the nation’s top 30 business schools by U.S. News for 17 years in a row.

What 6 states border Arkansas?

Arkansas ranks 29th among the 50 states in total area, but, except for Louisiana and Hawaii, it is the smallest state west of the Mississippi River. Its neighbours are Missouri to the north, Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, Louisiana to the south, Texas to the southwest, and Oklahoma to the west.

What region is Arkansas in?

South Central region
Arkansas is nicknamed the Natural State, a landlocked state in the South Central region of the US. Arkansas borders six other states. Missouri to the north, Louisiana to the south, Texas to the southwest, and Oklahoma in the west. The Mississippi River forms the state borders to Tennessee and Mississippi in the east.

Is it expensive to live in Arkansas?

Living in Arkansas is less expensive than it is on average across the U.S. as a whole. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, goods and services in the state cost 14.7% less than they do on average nationwide. Compared with all other states, Arkansas has the lowest overall cost of living.