What country speaks kashubian?

It may sound like the name of a rock band, but it’s an actual living, breathing language spoken in Kashubia (Gdańsk), in the historic Eastern Pomerania region of Poland. Kashubian belongs to the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages, and for years it was thought to be just another Polish dialect.

Where can I learn kashubian?

Kashubian studies, a branch of Slavic studies, is a philological discipline researching the language, literature, culture, and history of the Kashubians. The main centre for development of Kashubian studies is the University of Gdańsk[1], Poland – since 2014 Kashubian Ethno-Philology Studies at Gdańsk University.

What is a Polish Highlander?

Highlander slang is a Polish language dialect, that contains plenty of Polish archaisms and many words from Slovak, Hungarian and Balkan languages. Highlanders’ dialect is that a part of the culture, it is difficult to describe – you must hear it yourself.

Who speaks Pomeranian?

Pomeranian language

Native to Poland, Germany
Region Pomerania
Language family Indo-European Balto-Slavic Slavic West Slavic Lechitic Pomeranian
Language codes

Is Kashubian a language?

Although often classified as a language in its own right, it is sometimes viewed as a dialect of Pomeranian or as a dialect of Polish. In Poland, it has been an officially recognized ethnic-minority language since 2005. Approximately 108,000 people use mainly Kashubian at home.

Who wrote in Kashubian?

Jan Trepczyk was a poet who wrote in Kashubian, as was Stanisław Pestka. Kashubian literature has been translated into Czech, Polish, English, German, Belarusian, Slovene and Finnish. Aleksander Majkowski and Alojzy Nagel belong to the most commonly translated Kashubian authors of the 20th century.

What happened to the Kashubian culture?

Throughout the communist regime in Poland, Kashubian and Polish greatly suffered in its spread and education. Kashubian was represented as folklore and prevented from being taught in schools. Following the collapse of communism, attitudes on the status of Kashubian have been gradually changing.

What are the similarities between Kashubian and Polish?

There are several similarities between Kashubian and Polish. For some linguists they consider this a sign that Kashubian is a dialect of Polish but others believe that this is just a sign that the two originate from the same location.