What CPU socket is an i7?

Intel® Core™ i7-2xxx Desktop Processors use a chipset based on the Intel® 6 Series Chipset Boards….Compatibility.

Processor Socket Used
Intel® Core™ i7-9xx Processors LGA1366
Intel® Core™ i7-2xxx / i7-37xx Processors LGA1155

Are all i7 processors the same socket?

no. the i7 is available on a range of sockets, off the top of my head there’s 1150, 1151, 1155, 2011v3, 1136 and more.

What socket is 7th gen i7?

LGA 1151 socket
The 7th Generation Core i7 7700K is an LGA 1151 socket compatible processor.

What LGA is Intel i7?

“Gulftown” (32 nm)

Model number sSpec number Socket
Core i7-970 SLBVF (B1) LGA 1366
Core i7-980 SLBYU (B1) LGA 1366
Core i7-980X SLBUZ (B1) LGA 1366

What socket is i7 9700K?

Like the rest of the 9th Generation family, the Core i7-9700K is compatible with Z390 motherboards using the LGA 1151 socket, as well as a number of previous-generation chipsets (notably, Z370, Q370, B365, B360, H370, and H310).

What socket is i7 8700K?

Socket LGA 1151
Intel – Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake Six-Core 3.7 GHz Socket LGA 1151 Desktop Processor.

What socket do I have?

The socket type is printed on the computer’s motherboard. Knowing the CPU socket type for a computer motherboard is essential for anyone planning to upgrade the device’s central processor. CPU socket compatibility is typically listed with the computer product name and specifications in the owner’s manual.

What socket is Intel i7-10700K?

Socket LGA1200
Intel – Core i7-10700K 10th Generation 8-Core – 16-Thread – 3.8 GHz (5.1 GHz Turbo) Socket LGA1200 Unlocked Desktop Processor.

What socket is i7 10th Gen?

Are all LGA 1151 sockets the same?

The difference is in the pins themselves. While they have the same amount, the 2 sockets are aligned very differently, where ram, ground, power, pcie etc all line up.

How do I know my CPU socket?

Identify your Motherboard Socket

  1. Step 1: Download CPU-Z. Download CPU-Z from the official CPU-Z website.
  2. Step 2: Start CPU-Z. Simply start CPU-Z after your download is complete.
  3. Step 3: CPU tab. The package line will show your socket: This example is using Socket 1155 LGA.