What did pope Innocent II do?

A cardinal by 1116, Innocent was appointed in 1122 by Pope Calixtus II as one of the ambassadors who drafted the Concordat of Worms, an agreement ending disputes between the pope and the Holy Roman emperor Henry V over the right of investiture; i.e., whether the papacy or temporal rulers had the right to install …

Are papal Bulls in Latin?

A papal bull traditionally begins with a Latin sentence containing three elements: the pope’s name, the papal title episcopus servus servorum Dei, meaning “bishop, servant of the servants of God,” and the few Latin words that constitute the incipit from which the bull would also take its name for record keeping …

Which Pope banned the crossbow?

Can. 29 of the Second Lateran Council under Pope Innocent II in 1139 banned the use of crossbows, as well as slings and bows, against Christians.

Why is papal bull important?

Pope Alexander VI issues a papal bull or decree, “Inter Caetera,” in which he authorizes Spain and Portugal to colonize the Americas and its Native peoples as subjects. The decree asserts the rights of Spain and Portugal to colonize, convert, and enslave. It also justifies the enslavement of Africans.

Who is the second innocent?

Gregorio Papareschi
His election as pope was controversial and the first eight years of his reign were marked by a struggle for recognition against the supporters of Anacletus II….

Pope Innocent II
Born Gregorio Papareschi Rome, Papal States
Died 24 September 1143 Rome, Papal States
Denomination Catholic
Other popes named Innocent

Why was Pope Innocent IV important?

Pope Innocent IV (c. 1185-1254), whose pontificate extended from June 25, 1243, to December 7, 1254, is chiefly remembered for his disputes with Emperor Frederick II and as the author of a commentary on the decretals of Pope Gregory IX.