What do professional maids use to clean bathrooms?

The Maids, Merry Maids, MaidPro, and countless other cleaning services agree that microfiber cloths are a must-have for any cleaning arsenal. The small fibers are more effective at grabbing dust and dirt than other cloths, plus they’re cleaner than sponges and more sustainable than paper towels.

How do you deep clean a bathtub?

How to Clean a Bathtub

  1. Fill up a bucket with hot water, and pour the water all over the tub.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on all tub surfaces.
  3. Fill your bucket with a half-gallon of hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap.
  4. Dip a scrub sponge or a stiff nylon brush into the bucket, and scrub all bathtub surfaces.

Should I tip my Merry Maids?

For a cash tip, a good rule of thumb is 15-20% of the total cleaning service cost. This is a good standard to use for tipping on all routine cleaning services. But tipping can also show cleaners that you appreciate their cleaning services and them as a cleaner.

How do you clean like a Molly Maid?

Clean in a pattern: Left to right, top to bottom is the Molly Maid way. Cleaning in a precise, methodical way makes sure you never miss a spot! Always dust first, vacuum last(except in the bathroom!): In rooms other than the bathroom, dusting first and vacuuming last makes sure you round up all the settled dust.

How do I get my old bathtub white again?

Get the gunk off old enameled bathtubs and sinks by applying a paste of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Let the paste set for about half an hour. Then give it a good scrubbing and rinse well; the paste will also sweeten your drain as it washes down.

How do I get GREY stains out of my bathtub?

After searching a few websites, I learned you can use a mixture of peroxide and cream of tartar to make a paste and scrub over the area with a toothbrush. Also, you can mix fresh lemon and vinegar together and wipe over the area or place a cloth dipped in the solution over the stain.

How much should I give my maid for Christmas?

Housekeepers. If someone cleans your house only once or twice a month, consider tipping them about half the amount of one service. So, if you pay your cleaner $100 to come once a month, think about $50 to $100 as a holiday thank you. Regular cleaner: Up to one week’s pay and/or a small gift.

How do you clean like a professional maid?

27 Ways to Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper

  1. Use a pattern.
  2. Apply products and walk away.
  3. Clean your ceilings and walls.
  4. Don’t forget about your baseboards.
  5. Declutter, then clean.
  6. Clear off surfaces.
  7. Use a rag in place of a mop.
  8. Fold towels in threes.

How do you clean a moldy bathtub?

If you have mold or mildew in your tub, start the bathtub cleaning process by filling a spray bottle with hot water and four tablespoons of bleach. Spray this solution onto the affected areas, and allow it to soak in. While the bleach is soaking in, sprinkle baking soda throughout the tub. Proceed to step three as outlined above.

What are the basic cleaning supplies for a bathtub?

Bathtub Cleaning Supplies 1 Clean bucket 2 Dish soap 3 Scrub brush 4 Cloth or hand towel 5 Sponge 6 Baking soda 7 Tub-and-tile cleaner (optional) 8 Spray bottle and bleach (for mold and mildew only)

How do you get soap scum out of a bathtub?

Removing soap scum from your tub will also help your grout and glass stay cleaner for longer. Fill up a bucket with hot water, and pour the water all over the tub. Sprinkle baking soda on all tub surfaces. For extra-dirty tubs, use tub-and-tile cleaner instead. Fill your bucket with a half-gallon of hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap.

How do you clean a clogged bathtub drain?

Sprinkle four tablespoons of baking soda into the drain, followed by two cups of vinegar. Once the bubbling stops, flush the drain with boiling water. Stubborn stain? Make a paste out of baking soda and water.