What does a juice box charger do?

The Faster, Smarter, Cleaner Home EV Charger Built on the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox can power all electric vehicles on the market today, including Teslas via a Tesla-provided adapter. It comes with a built-in cable rack and security lock for versatile use, indoors and out.

Is Juice Box compatible with Tesla?

All JuiceBox variants are compatible with all Electric Vehicles manufactured for the North American market. Tesla vehicles are compatible with the JuiceBox when using the Tesla to J1772 adapter provided by Tesla.

How much does a JuiceBox cost?

Juicebox Pricing Overview Juicebox pricing starts at $49.00 per user, per month.

How fast does the juice box charge?

JuiceBox Level 2 charging provides a faster 12 to 60 miles of driving range per hour of charge. Utilizing a 240-volt outlet, Level 2 charging is most suitable for daily driving needs, and the most practical way to charge an EV at home.

Are juice boxes free?

All of which shaped her new creation: Juicebox, a free app that allows users to anonymously ask questions about sex and sexual health and get answers from experts at the Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Are juice boxes good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Very solid, great quality, easy to install. Liked it so much, I bought another! I love me some JuiceBox! So much so that I bought two of them – one for home and one which I installed at my office.

Does Tesla cars come with a charging station?

An adapter for a 110 volt outlet (NEMA 5-15) is included as standard equipment with all new Tesla cars. This provides approximately two to four miles of range per hour of charge depending on the car. For the best home charging experience, we recommend installing a Wall Connector.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model 3 at a supercharger?

When you’re traveling in your Tesla or away from where you normally park, there are three main charging options to keep your vehicle charged on the go. The Tesla Supercharger is the fastest charging option when you’re away from home, allowing you to charge your car up to 200 miles in 15 minutes.

Is the JuiceBox EV charger portable?

And the JuiceBox 40 is portable if you have multiple locations you travel to that need high speed electric car charging. You can now enjoy a safe, convenient, reliable and faster charge in just a few hours while you work, sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family.

Who owns juice box?

The multinational utility company Enel acquired the e-mobility solutions provider eMotorWerks, known for its popular JuiceBox EV charging stations and the JuiceNet software platform, which Enel plans to integrate into all of its electric vehicle charging stations around the world.

How do I download juicebox?

To download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE), please go to https://www.java.com/download. We recommend having at least 2GB free RAM for the best user experience with Juicebox.

What company makes juice box?

The JuiceBox has had improvements over the past five years, including two different looks, however this is the first all-new version. It’s important to note that eMotorWerks, the company that made the JuiceBox, was bought by energy-powerhouse Enel in 2017.

What kind of EV can I charge with Juicebox?

JuiceBox supports the J1772 connector standards used by all major EV manufacturers for Level 2 EV charging stations in North America and can therefore charge any EV on the market. Tesla drivers can charge with a JuiceBox via an adapter commonly owned and used by Tesla drivers.

How long does it take to charge a juiced juice box?

JuiceBox Level-1 is the slowest. It charges at up to 2 kilowatts (kW) of power where it can take up to 30 hours for the complete charge. The Level-1 station costs $250 or less while Level-2 is faster and it increases to 5 kW charging speed with a maximum of 7½ hours needed for the full gain.

Can I charge a Tesla with Juicebox?

Because JuiceBox supports the J1772 connector standards used by all major EV manufacturers for Level 2 EV charging stations in North America, JuiceBox owners can charge a Tesla or any other high-powered EV now, and be ready for all the other EVs that come along. Tesla charging requires a commonly used adapter provided by Tesla.

Who is juiced Juicebox?

Juicebox is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products for the home improvement market. Founded in 2003 by two friends, juicebox has grown to become one of North America’s most recognizable brands with over 400 million units sold.