What does Big Y stand for?

Founded in 1936 by brothers Paul and Gerald D’Amour, the store was named after an intersection in Chicopee, Massachusetts where two roads converge to form a “Y”. Big Y World Class Market is listed among Forbes top 500 Private Companies.

Who is the owner of Big Y?

D’Amour family
Big Y

The Big Y store in Palmer, Massachusetts.
Owner D’Amour family (100%)
Number of employees 12,000 (2021)
Website www.bigy.com
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Does Big Y require masks in CT?

Per the CDC and state recommendations, Big Y strongly encourages all individuals to wear a face mask or face covering while inside the store for everyone’s safety. Individuals who are unvaccinated are required to wear a face mask or face covering while in the store.

How many Big Y stores are there in CT?

Proud to be family owned and operated, we operate almost 80 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts with over 11,000 employees.

Where was the first Big Y in Connecticut?

The acquisition of a supermarket and shopping center in Stafford Springs in 1984 brought Big Y into Connecticut.

When was the first Big Y built?

1936, Chicopee, MABig Y / Founded

When did Big Y open?

Does Dunkin Donuts still require masks?

At Dunkin’, where we already require all restaurant employees to wear face masks & have updated our health & safety standards to reflect the times, we believe that wearing a mask is a simple step we can all take to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and help to keep guests and restaurant crew safe.

Is there a mask mandate in Greenfield MA?

By order of the Mayor and the Board of Health, beginning Monday, September 20, 2021 there will be an indoor mask mandate in Greenfield. You can download a sign for your business, organization, or office below. For details of the mandate, click here. Thank you for helping the City of Greenfield stay safe and healthy!

What is the parent company of Stop and Shop?

Ahold DelhaizePerkins Tobacco StoresAhold Delhaize USA, Inc.
Stop & Shop/Parent organizations

Who is the owner of Price Chopper?

The Golub CorporationPrice Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets / Parent organization

Where did Big Y open its first store in Connecticut?

Turning 50 years old in 1986, the company ranked #1 in Western Massachusetts with 22 stores and over 1600 employees. This led to the purchase of a store in Stafford bringing Big Y into Connecticut.