What does C mean on Athletic Net?

Converted time
c—Converted time. For all performance lists, Athletic.net has chosen to convert all hand timed results into values that are generally accepted as being comparable to FAT times using the Track and Field News conversion method. For more information, see Hand Time Conversion Standards.

Is Athletic Net accurate?

Here in San Diego, CA and pretty much the rest of the entire state, we use athletic.net. We have found that their service is absolutely outstanding for both registration for meets and results posting. As some have said, it’s only as good as the number of teams participating with regards to accurate results.

How do I get an Athletic Net?

From the main Athletic.net homepage, click on Create Free Account. This will take you to the Signup Page, where you can create an account. You can also choose to sign in via Facebook. If you’ve received a team code from your coach or team staff, click Do you have a team code? and enter it in the space provided.

When did Athletic net start?

Athletic.net was created by a coach to ease common coaching tasks. Released in Oregon in 2004, it was used by 85% of the high schools after its first season. The site then expanded to include Cross Country, and opened up to the rest of the states and now beyond!

What does J mean in high jump results?

The J could be a jump-off in the high jump or the best second jump in the LJ or TJ. The J could be a jump-off in the high jump or the best second jump in the LJ or TJ.

Does athletic Net have an app?

We’re proud to introduce the new AthleticAPP, which is a communications platform and engagement network for Track & Field and Cross Country teams, athletes, parents, and fans. The AthleticAPP also provides the platform for competition in virtual meets.

How do I find my team code for athletic Net?

As an athlete or parent, you can simply request the team’s code from your coach using whatever method of communication you desire. Alternatively, you can request access from within the app itself by following the team. Once you follow your team, your coaches will be alerted that you’ve requested the team code.

What is athletic Net used for?

For Athletes, Parents & Fans Look up results to follow performance improvements, compare rankings, and set goals. Stay up-to-date on travel times, event start times, and other important meet details.

Who is the fastest high school runner in California?

Domani Jackson of Mater Dei wins the 100-meter dash in 10.25 seconds Saturday at Arcadia High, tying the state record.

What does little q mean in Olympics?

An athlete with Q after their name has qualified from that heat and advanced to the next round of the competition, while “q” means that an athlete is not an automatic qualifier but has to wait to see if their time was quick enough to advance.