What does hardscape mean in landscaping?

Simply put, hardscape is any of the non-living elements in your landscape design. As the name suggests, these are the harder design elements in your space like concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, stone, and wood.

What is the difference between landscaping and hardscaping?

So landscaping is more about adding plants or other items to a space that create curb appeal, which means it’s often done with an eye towards appearances whereas hardscape surrounds the house with things like concrete walkways, patios, or decks.

What is outdoor hardscape?

Hardscape is an industry term used to describe solid materials used in outdoor design such as natural stone, tile, brick, wood, asphalt and concrete pavers. These products are used for driveways, walkways, patios, walls, decks, fire and water features, outdoor kitchens and more.

What is a hardscape designer?

Hardscape designers plan the layout and design of patios, decks, walkways, and other hardscape features. Their goal is to create an outdoor living space that is appealing to their clients.

What does hardscaping look like?

Hardscape can be thought of as “hard,” yet movable, parts of the landscape, like gravel, paving, and stones. They are inanimate objects. Hardscape is solid and unchanging. Other examples of hardscape include retaining walls, pavers for paths or patios, outdoor kitchens, water features, gazebos, decks, and driveways.

What does hardscape mean?

Definition of hardscape : structures (such as fountains, benches, or gazebos) that are incorporated into a landscape — compare softscape.

What are hardscape features?

Hardscape is the “hard” features in your landscape. It is the heavier, unchanging, inanimate objects comprised of gravel, paving, stone and wood. Hardscape elements include: Walkways. Patios.

What are the hardscape elements?

Hardscape elements include:

  • Walkways.
  • Patios.
  • Driveways.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Water Features.
  • Arbors.
  • Stone Benches.

Is a pergola considered hardscape?

Wooden decks are hardscaping, too, just like patios. Wooden arbors or gazebos enhance a landscape while providing shade. Pergolas are arbor-like structures attached to the house or other building.

What are examples of hardscaping?

What do you use for hardscaping?

Types of Hardscaping Materials for Your Landscape

  • 1) Hardscaping Materials. The best hardscaping materials reflect the needs and budget of the homeowner.
  • 2) Brick. Brick is great for people who want very little maintenance.
  • 3) Bluestone.
  • 4) Travertine.
  • 5) Concrete.
  • 6) Loose Stone.
  • 7) Mulch.