What does intriguing Mean Mean?

Definition of intriguing : engaging the interest to a marked degree : fascinating an intriguing story.

What is an intriguing example?

The definition of intriguing is something that creates curiosity or interest. An example of intriguing is the first line of a novel that makes you want to read the whole book. adjective. 2.

Is intriguing positive or negative?

Intriguing contains, or may contain, a hint of doubt or sarcasm (thus potentially negative in connotation): e.g. I found it rather intriguing that he seems to equate feminism with totalitarian lesbianism.

What does very intrigued mean?

Definition of intrigued : having one’s interest, desire, or curiosity strongly aroused Cricket was intrigued, but I decided it wasn’t good enough for her, and we moved to the sprawling Marriott resort, a complex of pretty lawns and pools with swim-up bars on the Chao Phraya river. —

Does intriguing mean interesting?

If you describe something as intriguing, you mean that it is interesting or strange.

What’s another word for intriguing?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intriguing, like: fascinating, engaging, riveting, attractive, interesting, alluring, clever, intruiging, colluding, absorbing and crafty.

What is another word for intriguing?

What’s the opposite of intriguing?

Opposite of causing a desire to know more. uninteresting. boring. dull. unexciting.

How do you use intrigue in a sentence?

Intrigue sentence example

  1. Her life was notorious for intrigue and perfidy.
  2. Maybe it was the intrigue , or maybe it was that gut feeling that something wasn’t as it appeared.
  3. A human’s reaction to him never ceased to intrigue him.
  4. The appearance of this adds interest and intrigue .

What’s another name for intriguing?

Can you say intrigue me?

It is perfectly acceptable, and rather common, to simply state that you’re not convinced. If you did insist on using the word “intrigue” then you definitely wouldn’t say “intrigue me”; it could confuse the other person as it’s an unusual construction.