What does minimums mean to a pilot?

“Approaching Minimums” you are about at your minimum descent altitude (MDA) or decision altitude (DA). “Minimums” means you’ve arrived at that altitude. Pilots use those phrases to alert the pilot flying when they’re getting close to the ground.

What is a single engine pilot?

As a single engine pilot, your job is to fly a small aircraft for commercial or governmental needs. In this role, you participate in business or emergency operations, gain additional flight hours, and maintain or improve your pilot’s license. Single engine pilots sometimes work on call in shifts.

What is takeoff minimum?

Standard takeoff minima are one statute mile for aircraft having two engines or less and one-half statute mile for aircraft having more than two engines. Specified ceiling and visibility minima will allow visual avoidance of obstacles during the initial climb at the standard climb gradient.

What are IFR landing minimums?

(i) For aircraft, other than helicopters, having two engines or less – 1 statute mile visibility. (ii) For aircraft having more than two engines – 1/2 statute mile visibility. (iii) For helicopters – 1/2 statute mile visibility.

Which is safer single engine or twin engine?

As a result of the relatively small number of fatal accidents, single engine aircraft have a proven safety record. With any failure of an engine during flight, the occupants of an aircraft may be seriously injured or even killed, as a forced landing is likely to follow.

What aircraft can you fly with a CPL?

If you hold a CPL you can, on the appropriate aircraft category: exercise all the privileges of the holder of a LAPL and a PPL. act as pilot in command (PIC) or co-pilot of any aircraft operations other than commercial air transport. act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft.

Do single pilots need a flight operations manual?

The NBAA Safety Committee Single Pilot Safety Working Group produced this video and story of John, a single owner-pilot who finds himself in a loss of control situation. The prospect of creating a flight operations manual can seem overwhelming for single pilots and light business airplane (LBA) owners and operators.

What is single pilot operations (SPO)?

Single pilot operations (SPO) refers to flying a commercial aircraft with only one pilot in the cockpit, assisted by advanced onboard automation and/or ground operators providing piloting support services.

What are the best resources for single pilot safety?

Single-Pilot Operations 1 2019 Single Pilot Safety Standdown. 2 Single-Pilot Risk Management Guide. 3 VLJ Training Guidelines. 4 Alone in the Cockpit – A Video about Loss of Control Inflight. 5 LBA Flight Operations Manual Template. 6 Flying Safety Awards.

Do you need a flight operations manual for your LBA?

The prospect of creating a flight operations manual can seem overwhelming for single pilots and light business airplane (LBA) owners and operators. To address this concern, NBAA created a resource designed specifically to meet the needs of LBA operators in creating or updating a flight operations manual.