What does Spanning do?

The tag is an inline container used to mark up a part of a text, or a part of a document. The tag is easily styled by CSS or manipulated with JavaScript using the class or id attribute.

What is spanning account?

Fast, affordable, and reliable SaaS backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce. Spanning is scalable and powerful yet easy-to-setup. Stop worrying about backing up your data. Enable administrators and users to restore data and get back to work in just a few clicks.

What does spanning back up?

Spanning Backup provides daily, automated backup of your SaaS data. We back up Google Workspace, Salesforce.com, and Office 365 data to our own secure cloud infrastructure, so that if you ever lose data, you can restore it directly back into your environment using Spanning.

What is spanning Kaseya?

About Spanning. Spanning Cloud Apps is the leading provider of backup and recovery for SaaS applications, helping organizations protect their information in the cloud. The company provides powerful, enterprise-class data protection for G Suite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365.

What is the use of SPAN tag give an example?

HTML tag is used as a generic container of inline elements. It is used for styling purpose to the grouped inline elements (using class and id attribute or inline style)….Syntax.

Display Inline
Usage Styles and semantics

What is meant by spanning tree?

A spanning tree is a sub-graph of an undirected connected graph, which includes all the vertices of the graph with a minimum possible number of edges. If a vertex is missed, then it is not a spanning tree. The edges may or may not have weights assigned to them.

How do you use spanning in a sentence?

Examples of ‘spanning’ in a sentence spanning

  1. Some unseen clock was striking eight as they crossed the bridge spanning the creek in Springs.
  2. Tweed walked out into the overcast Place Bel-Air and crossed a bridge spanning the Rhône.
  3. Here the railway arch spanning the street towered high above him.

How long does Microsoft keep your data?

for 90 days
Subscription Retention If a paid subscription ends or is terminated, Microsoft retains customer data stored in Microsoft 365 in a limited-function account for 90 days to enable the subscriber to extract the data. After the 90-day retention period ends, Microsoft disables the account and deletes the customer data.

Do we need to backup Office 365?

“All online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result… We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content ad Data that you store on the Services using Third-Party Apps and Services.”

When did Kaseya buy spanning?

Insight Venture Partners acquired Spanning in 2017 and Kaseya in 2013.

How much does spanning backup cost?

Use Spanning Backup to backup G Suite like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Contacts. After a 14-day free trial period, Spanning Backup usually costs $40/year, but you can save $5 by using my discount code if you decide to buy it.

How do I backup my spanning account with the free trial?

For individual users you will want to make sure you are signed into the Google account you want to backup with the free trial. Then visit the Spanning App page here that will redirect you to login to your Google account. Once you authorize Spanning on your account it will automatically take you to the Spanning Backup for G Suite page.

Why choose spanning for in-app Backup?

See why leading Salesforce admins and developers trust Spanning for in-app backup and restore of data, metadata, and customizations. A modern platform to provide your customers with enterprise-class data protection and business continuity. Spanning makes backup seamless with a quick, easy setup that’s accompanied by an intuitive interface.

What is your favorite feature of spanning backup?

My favorite feature of Spanning Backup is the ease of use. Spanning’s user interface and user experience are miles ahead of the competition. Salesforce Data Export: A Reliable Backup & Recovery Tool?