What does the orange dot mean on Ping irons?

Black dot means the iron is 0 degrees upright, 0 degrees flat. Red dot means the iron is 1 degree flat. Orange dot means the iron is 2 degrees flat. Brown dot means the iron is 3 degrees flat.

What degree is Ping orange dot?

PING Dot Colours

PING Dot Colours – Lie Angles
Dot Colour Height measurement Wrist to floor measurement
Red Dot 0.75° flat 5’1″ to 6’0½” 32¼” to 33½”
Purple Dot 1.5° flat 5’0″ to 5’7″ 31¼” to 32½”
Orange Dot 2.25° flat 4’10½” to 5’6″ 30½” to 31¾”

What do the color dots mean on Ping golf irons?

The dots do not indicate a particular style of club, as any line of irons is available in every color, but instead represent the angle of the club heads to the standard shaft angle.

When were Ping g5 irons made?

They begin shipping Nov. 1, 2005. What Ping calls the most forgiving irons the company has yet made feature a deeper, parallel cavity design to widen the sole and expand the perimeter weighting.

What is Ping Color Code chart?

The PING color code chart is designed to provide the proper lie angle and shaft length based on a golfer’s combination of height and wrist-to-floor measurement. This system provides fitting recommendations for players from 5’0” up to 6’7”.

What are the color codes for Ping irons?

So each specific set of Ping iron has 12 different dot colors. From flat to upright the dot colors go in the following order with gold being the flattest lie angle at 3.75 degrees to brown, orange, purple, red, black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver, and maroon being the most upright at 4.5 degrees.

Which Ping irons are best for high handicapper?

The Ping G410 are ideal for high handicap players that want forgiveness and distance, without a large club head. The irons are large from heel to toe, but don’t feel clunky like other high handicap irons. Most golfers should opt for a 5-iron to pitching wedge setup.

Are Ping irons worth the money?

In general, PING golf clubs are worth the money. As one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world of golf and with a proud tradition of being an all-American company, PING irons, drivers, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, and putters are regularly rated as among the best in the business.

Is the Ping G5 forgiving?

Designed in multiple sections for maximum performance, the radius of the lead edge helps improve ground impact for better ball impact. Enhanced perimeter weighting maked the G5 iron very forgiving. By increasing the moment of inertia, off center shots are straighter and distance loss is decreased.

Are Ping I5 irons forgiving?

Ping I5 irons have a traditional look and are easy to hit with. The irons are extremely forgiving. In fact, the irons are so forgiving that even off-center hits still feel and travel decent. The I5 irons perform consistently in regards to distance control.

Can Ping irons be adjusted?

PING irons and wedges are adjustable to fit your changing swing for several years. However, certain factors, like the type of metal, it’s age, and the number of adjustments that have already been performed, will affect the adjustability of your set.