What drink can I make with vodka and Sprite?

Cranberry Mule It’s a simple 5-minute drink that combines Sprite Cranberry, vodka, cranberry juice, and simple syrup over ice. It’s cold, refreshing, and wonderful. To be perfectly honest, I much prefer it to the traditional Moscow mule.

What alcohol mixes well with Sprite?

Whiskey + Sprite While a Seven and Seven (Seagram’s 7 whiskey and 7 Up) is a widely known cocktail, a Whiskey Sprite is a somewhat less common order. But the duo works beautifully together, especially if you opt for a lighter Irish whiskey or younger bourbon.

Is there a name for vodka and Sprite?

Blue Lagoon is a beautiful drink that promises nothing less than magic. As the name says, it is a blue drink made with Blue Curacao, lime juice, vodka, and Sprite. For this one, you’ll pour your Blue Curacao in a glass of ice, then add a bit of vodka and lime juice, filling the rest with Sprite.

What is vodka good to mix with?

7 Of The Best Vodka Mixers

  • Vodka Orange Juice (also known as a ‘Screwdriver’) The basic message is to keep it simple.
  • Pineapple Juice.
  • Grapefruit Juice.
  • Cranberry Juice.
  • Lemonade/Soda.
  • Ginger Beer.

How do you make a vodka spritzer?


  1. 1 lemon.
  2. 1 cup sliced strawberries.
  3. 12 ounces (1 ½ cups) vodka.
  4. 3 ounces (6 tablespoons) simple syrup.
  5. 3 ounces (6 tablespoons) unsweetened 100% cranberry juice*
  6. Soda water, for serving.
  7. Ice, for serving.
  8. For the garnish: 1 handful fresh mint leaves.

What goes well with vodka?

What flavor vodka goes with Sprite?

If you drink any high-quality vodka, Sprite’s lime-lemon flavor is the perfect mixer. Vodka and Sprite make for an extremely refreshing cocktail when mixed together.

How do you make a vodka Sprite?

Cocktail recipe Vodka with sprite

  1. Fill a highball glass to the top with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in 1.5 oz of vodka.
  3. Top up with Sprite and stir gently.
  4. Garnish with 2 lime wedges.

What goes in a spritzer?

A spritzer is a drink made of wine and soda water. Spritzers originated in Austria in the 19th century as a way to make bubbly wine. The name comes from the German word “spritzen” or “to spray”: referring to diluting wine with water.

What is a good drink to mix with Sprite?

vodka or white rum, and top with Sprite. Is Whiskey good with Sprite? This whiskey drink is ideal whether you’re looking for quick party drinks or something easy to quench your thirst, all you need is Jameson Irish Whiskey, delicious sprite and a little wedge of lime.

What are the best liquors to mix with Sprite?

– We all know that rum and Coke go together like, well, rum and Coke. – Whiskey + Sprite. – Whiskey + Mountain Dew. – Spiced Rum + 7 Up. – Jägermeister + Mountain Dew. – Rye Whiskey + Cherry Coke. – Kahlúa + Pepsi. – Orange Soda + Fireball.

Is Sprite and vodka a good mixed drink?

Sprite and vodka is a good mix and offers a light, refreshing taste. This mixer can work well in any drink, and its also affordable. Plus, this mixture will make the flavors of both drinks pop more. This mixer goes well with citrus-flavored vodkas like lemon or orange.

What mixes best with Sprite?

Fresh lemon juice and vodka on ice

  • Pineapple juice,vodka,ice and splash of cranberry juice
  • Apple juice,splash of cranberry,vodka and ice.
  • Lemonade and vodka on ice
  • Cranberry (splash),orange bitters (a dash),vodka,ice,squeeze of fresh lime juice. Shake. Top it off with ginger beer