What happen in Afghanistan 2021?

Taliban atrocities As they seized control of districts across Afghanistan in July and August 2021, members of the Taliban tortured and killed ethnic and religious minorities, former ANDSF soldiers, and those perceived as government sympathizers in reprisal attacks.

What is the crisis in Afghanistan 2021?

An unprecedented hunger crisis is emerging in the wake of the economic collapse and ongoing drought. By late 2021, nearly half of Afghans were experiencing crisis or worse levels of food insecurity—the highest level ever recorded in Afghanistan and a 37% rise compared to six months earlier.

What’s the latest news in Afghanistan?


  • Combat death puts spotlight on Americans fighting in Ukraine.
  • Biden seeks $33B for Ukraine, signaling long-term commitment.
  • Powerful explosion at Kabul mosque kills at least 10 people.
  • IS claims bombing targeting Shiites in north Afghanistan.
  • Explosions in northern Afghanistan kill at least 9, wound 13.

What is going on in Afghanistan 2022?

Afghan wait to enter a bank, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022. Afghanistan has undergone a dramatic transformation in half a year of Taliban rule. The country feels safer, less violent than it has in decades, but the once aid-fueled economy is barreling toward collapse.

What are Taliban doing now?

The Taliban continue to provide security to UN staff and allow broad humanitarian access, including for women humanitarian workers, allowing access to parts of the country that had not been visited for 15 years.

What Taliban wants from Afghan?

What is the Taliban’s goal? The Taliban’s aim is simple, experts said: to take back what the group lost in the early 2000s. “They want their Islamic emirate back in power,” Crews said. “They want their vision of Islamic law.”

What happened to US communications equipment sent to Afghanistan?

“Nearly all” of the communications equipment that the US gave to Afghan forces, including base-station, mobile, man-portable and hand-held commercial and military radio systems, and associated transmitters and encryption devices also remained in Afghanistan at the time of the withdrawal, the report states.

How much money is the UN giving Afghanistan’s health sector?

Meanwhile, the UN Development Programme provided $15 million to Afghanistan’s health sector in November, helping pay wages to more than 23,000 health workers, according to a UN news release.

How many Americans are still seeking to leave Afghanistan?

The Biden administration has consistently estimated that the number of Americans seeking to leave Afghanistan is still in the range of 100 to 200 people, but cautioned that the number is incredibly fluid.

How can Pakistan prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan?

Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry later told Reuters that direct engagement with the Taliban was the only way to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, and called for billions of dollars of Afghan assets frozen overseas to be released. “Are we going to push Afghanistan into chaos or are we going to try and stabilize the country?”