What happened to chef and the farmer?

The Chef and the Farmer has been closed before. Before chef Vivian Howard became famous, the Kinston restaurant suffered a kitchen fire, shuttering it for months for repairs. More recently it has weathered hurricanes and floods.

What does Ben Knight do for a living?

Ben Knight, a Chicago native, has transitioned well to country, small town living. As a co-owner of Chef & the Farmer and the Vivian Howard Restaurant Group, he has established himself as a leader in small town investment and job creation.

Where is chef John may now?

Many of you know this Kinston, NC restaurant from the hit PBS documentary-style show, A Chef’s Life. Several years later, May and his wife found their way back to the Bull City and he recently began working as the executive chef at The Boot, an Italian restaurant located in the Rockwood Center off University Ave.

Who owns the chef and the Farmer?

Chef Vivian Howard owns three restaurants in Eastern North Carolina, two of those are in Kinston, Chef & the Farmer and the Boiler Room. Howard launched a new TV series Friday night on PBS, but her restaurants and businesses are hurting.

Who owns the chef & the Farmer?

How old is Ben Knight from a chef’s life?

Knight, 38, may be better known as the grumpy husband on “A Chef’s Life,” the PBS show starring Howard that it is now in its second season. (His nickname is “Benny Bummer.”) The show delves into eastern North Carolina food traditions while chronicling the couple’s efforts to raise twins and run two restaurants.

Where is John from chef and the farmer?

**Update: Chef John May is now working at a restaurant in Raleigh and The Boot has closed. I’d say there’s a new chef in town, but he’s not actually new at all. John May was born and raised in Durham. His family roots run far and deep in our city – they owned the Imperial Building downtown over 100 year ago.

Where does Vivian Howard live in North Carolina?

It’s in Eastern North Carolina, near Kinston. This is where she lives now with her husband, Ben Knight, and their two children, in a home the likes of which no one around here, or anywhere, has ever seen before.