What happened to Dodger in Hollyoaks?

Dodger’s twin sister Sienna develops feelings for him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Maxine. Sienna tricks Maxine into leaving and messages her from Dodger phone saying he doesn’t love her, Dodger realises this and plans to leave with her. Sienna then stabs him in the leg to stop him leaving.

Will Dodger ever return to Hollyoaks?

sort of. The actor has made a comical short film. Joe Tracini’s return to Hollyoaks as Dennis Savage may have been short-lived, but it seems it was long enough to convince the actor that his character and the soap are, in fact, real.

Are Sienna and Dodger twins?

Sienna is the twin sister of Dodger Savage (Danny Mac), the twin sibling Dodger never knew he had. Passey made her first on-screen appearance as Sienna in the episode broadcast on 21 November 2012.

Are Dodger and Sienna related?

Who is Nicos dad Hollyoaks?

Patrick Blake
Dodger Savage
Nico Blake/Father

Is Jacqui McQueen coming back to Hollyoaks?

Jacqui McQueen He’s now brown bread, meaning the coast is clear for Jacqui to return, but with actress Claire Cooper forging an acting career outside of Soapland, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll ever see Jacqui jumping on a flight home.

What happened with Brody and Sienna in Hollyoaks?

In last night’s (September 15) first-look episode, Brody was killed in a hit-and-run as he was reuniting with on-off partner Sienna. While Sienna blames Summer Ranger for the tragic events, she is currently unaware that Warren Fox was actually responsible for his death.

What are the 5757 and 5759 Hollyoaks spoilers?

5756: Warren’s secret is under threat again 5757: Scott faces a challenging day 5758: Darren tries to reason with Maya 5759: A glimpse of the future is revealed Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Features 11 huge Hollyoaks spoilers for next week What’s next in the village? By Daniel Kilkelly Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

What happens to Warren Fox in Hollyoaks?

Can’t wait to find out what happens in Hollyoaks? Get the latest spoilers, news, pictures and storylines right here… CHESTER gangster Warren Fox still feels low after being run over by Ethan Williams. But when Sam taunts him, he is pushed to the limit.

How did Dodger and Amy get together?

An engaged Amy became attracted to Dodger and the pair slept together. Amy’s fiancé, Lee Hunter later discovered Amy’s affair with Dodger and fought with Dodger. Texas and Mandy Richardson enlisted Dodger in helping to scam money from Cindy Cunningham.

Why did will get angry at Dodger?

Will became angry with Dodger when he sold a broken tablet to Barney Harper-McBride, and Will ordered Dodger to stop embarrassing him by selling bad merchandise. Dodger revealed to Will that he had sacrificed the opportunity to carry on with his education so that he could get a job and support his family.