What happened to Sirius XM Classic Vinyl?

As a result of the Sirius-XM merger, Classic Vinyl and Top Tracks merged on November 12, 2008. Although the Classic Vinyl name was carried over, the on-air format is largely that of Top Tracks, with the DJs from Classic Vinyl making on-air appearances.

What number is Classic Vinyl on Sirius?

On NOW! The entire musical world of Neil Young on channel 27!

Who is the DJs on the Sirius Classic Vinyl?

Meg Griffin (born December 2, 1953) is an American radio disc jockey, currently heard on the Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels The Loft, Classic Vinyl, The Beatles Channel, and Deep Tracks.

What was the number one song on classic rewind?

Here are the Top 100 Cassette-Era Party Songs on Classic Rewind according to SiriusXM subscribers!

100 AC/DC – Girls Got Rhythm
4 Boston – More Than A Feeling
3 Queen – We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions
2 AC/DC – You Shook Me All Nite Long
1 Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

What’s the difference between Classic Vinyl and classic rewind?

Classic Rewind is a classic rock radio station on Sirius XM Radio, which centers on the Mid 1970s and 1980s, picking up musically where Classic Vinyl ends. The channel is often billed as classic rock from the cassette era, from where the channel’s title is derived.

What happened to 60s on six Sirius?

The last logo for The ’60s on 6 was the same, but “The” is phased out on the left, and adds the “on 6” info at the right. In October 2021, SiriusXM announced that the station would move to channel 73 on the SiriusXM service on November 3, and that the station’s name would simultaneously change to ’60s Gold.

What is channel 26 on Sirius radio?

Classic Vinyl with Katherine Boyd.

What’s the difference between classic rewind and Classic Vinyl?

Who is Earle Bailey?

From on-air host to producer and news director, Earle Bailey’s radio career took him from Bridgeport, CT to Philadelphia, where he produced and hosted Rock ‘n’ Roll Roots. The show featured artists and songs banished from “classic rock” formats.

What happened to SiriusXM deep tracks?

Originally it replaced The Vault as a part of the Sirius/XM merger in 2008. It can also be heard on Dish Network channel 6027(previously 6016) until Sirius XM’s The Blend took Sirius XM Radio 16 and Dish Network 6016.

What channel is classic rewind on Sirius XM?

CH 25
Official Twitter account of SiriusXM’s Classic Rewind (CH 25).