What happened to the Stena Explorer?

In 2016 Stena Explorer was sold and exported to Turkey to be converted into a floating office after spending a period of time laid up in Holyhead.

What happened to the Stena HSS?

The third HSS, which Stena used to operate on the Harwich-Holland run, is now in La Guaira in Venezuela. The HSS Voyager will be missed on the Irish Sea. Its spacious open layout with multi-restaurant and bar facilities proved popular with passengers but the ship could no longer pay its way.

What speed does the Stena Line go?

MS Stena Superfast VII

Propulsion 2 × 5.2 m KaMeWa propellers 3 × 925 kW KaMeWa bow thrusters 1 × 1,350 kW stern thruster
Speed 20 kn (37.0 km/h; 23.0 mph) – 22 kn (40.7 km/h; 25.3 mph)
Capacity 1,200 passengers 661 cars or 110 trailers (or a mix of both)

What happened to the Sea Cat?

SeaCat ceased operations to Stranraer on 13 March 2000; however, there was an agreement in place that SeaCat could use the port in the “event of an operational need”.

What is the fastest ferry in the world?

Australian ferry builder Incat Tasmania’s world first high speed dual-fuel vehicle and passenger ferry is the world’s fastest ship having achieved a lightship speed of 58.1 knots – (107.6 kilometres an hour).

Why did Stena move from Stranraer?

The HSS couldn’t carry enough freight to make it pay. So it was time for a major change. From the early hours on Monday, ships will no longer sail to Stranraer. Literally overnight it becomes a ghost port.

Is Dun Laoghaire still a ferry port?

There are regular ferry service directly into the port of Dun Laoghaire from Holyhead in North Wales. Sailings run twice daily in each direction subject to season with a crossing time of around 90 minutes.

How big is a Stena Line ferry?

The ferry, which has a length of 240m and a width of 32m, can cruise at a service speed of 22kt.

Where is superfast 7?

Stena Superfast VII is the largest, most luxurious ferry sailing between Northern Ireland and Scotland. With a crossing time from only 2 hours 15 minutes and 12 sailings per day between Belfast and Cairnryan, there’s a sailing to suit everyone. You’ll be spoilt for choice onboard as there’s so much to enjoy!

What happened to Hoverspeed?

Hoverspeed last operated hovercraft on its Dover to Calais service. They were withdrawn on 1 October 2000 and Hoverspeed continued to use Seacat catamarans built by Incat….Hoverspeed.

Industry Passenger transportation
Predecessor Seaspeed & Hoverlloyd
Founded 25 October 1981
Defunct 7 November 2005
Fate Dissolved into Norfolkline