What happened to Zoe Alexander from X Factor?

In 2012, singer Zoe Alexander went viral after her disastrous audition on ITV’s “The X Factor.” In 2020, she tried to set the record straight and said she was manipulated by the show’s staff. Her explanation was picked up by a TikTok user and went viral with over 25 million views.

Was Pink on The X Factor?

Zoe Alexander (born 6 September 1989) is a Welsh singer and former Pink tribute artist from Caerphilly, Wales who auditioned for Series 9 of The X Factor UK. She sang ‘So What’ by Pink before being stopped halfway through the song….

Zoe Alexander
Occupation Singer, Pink tribute artist
Category Girls
Mentor N/A

What is justice Zoe?

2012 X Factor contestant Zoe Alexander who became known for being an ‘aggressive’ P! nk tribute act has gone viral on TikTok after users found out about the shocking mistreatment of the singer that allegedly happened behind the scenes, seeking “justice for Zoe.”

What is a Pink tribute act?

PASSIONATE PINK TRIBUTE ACT AND IMPERSONATOR. This Pink tribute act is able to mimic and perform Pink’s music so accurately, you would think you’re watching the real deal.

What was the cause of Ariel Burdett death?

SuicideArabella Starchild / Cause of deathSuicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Mental disorders, physical disorders, and substance use disorders are risk factors. Some suicides are impulsive acts due to stress, relationship problems, or harassment and bullying. Wikipedia

Where is Ariel Burdett now?

TRAGIC X Factor star Ariel Burdett was found dead with a stab wound to her neck, an inquest heard today. Ariel – whose real name was Amy – was found dead at her home in Leeds aged 38 on November 12 after staff for her landlord checked on her eight days previous.