What happened with Mira Sorvino and Harvey Weinstein?

Sorvino — who also worked with Weinstein, 69, on Blue in the Face (1995), Beautiful Girls (1996) and Mimic (1997) — was among the first women to accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment in 2017 and several directors have since admitted to blacklisting her at Weinstein’s request.

Did Mira Sorvino date Val Kilmer?

Sorvino, who won an Oscar for best supporting actress in “Mighty Aphrodite,″ offered no elaboration. Her publicist was quick to quash rumors that the split was caused by Sorvino’s alleged romance with “At First Sight″ co-star Val Kilmer. “She is not involved with anyone,″ Mara Buxbaum said.

Who is Theo Ikummaq?

orn in an igloo in 1955, Theo Ikummaq has been spent his life working as a hunter, teacher and conservation officer in the Arctic. Over the years, his deep knowledge of the land, Inuit culture, and his early recognition of the effects of climate change have made him a much sought after guide.

Who is Jeanne Crandall based on?

The answer: a bit of both. There was a real actress named Jeanne Crandell in the 1950s, but she wasn’t the inspiration for Sorvino’s character. “She’s a Lana Turner kind of character,” Sorvino told Rolling Stone. She also told Interview magazine that she read up on Turner while preparing for the role of Jeanne.

Is Dakota Johnson a billionaire?

As of 2022, Dakota Johnson’s net worth is $14 million.

Is Dakota Fanning in 50 shades?

Dakota Johnson is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Her breakout role was playing Anastasia Steele in the film adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.

Was Cleo and Theo a true story?

Global warming gets personal in “Chloe and Theo,” an environmentally oriented Dakota Johnson project that trends more toward public service announcement or after-school special than feature film. Based on a true story, Inuit man Theo (Theo Ikummaq) finds himself far from home in New York City.