What happens in the 5 year engagement?

Violet takes Tom to the park where she has a super fast wedding ready to go. They change into a dress and tux and get married right there with just their parents and Alex and Suzie. Everyone is super happy that the couple is together at last.

When did the five-year engagement come out?

April 27, 2012 (USA)The Five-Year Engagement / Release date

Is the five-year engagement funny?

The Five-Year Engagement is in many ways the inverse of every Hollywood movie like it. Also, it’s really funny. Splashes of slapstick, a dash of vulgar humor, generous helpings of uncomfortable awkwardness, and a pinch of melodrama season the film.

Does the 5 year engagement have a happy ending?

Although Suzie initially finds Alex repulsive, they drunkenly sleep together at Tom and Violet’s engagement party, she gets pregnant, and they end up, like the protagonists of Apatow’s Knocked Up, in a happy union.

What is violets job in the 5 year engagement?

In San Francisco, after a year’s relationship, Tom proposes to Violet; she accepts. She’s an experimental psychologist, hoping for a post-doc at Cal. He’s a sous chef who runs the kitchen when the chef is away.

Who wrote the 5 year engagement?

Jason Segel
Nicholas Stoller
The Five-Year Engagement/Screenplay

Did Chris Pratt actually sing in the five year engagement?

The thing is, Pratt isn’t lampooning the song. He sings it with such utter sincerity, and such obliviousness to the I-really-mean-this faces that Alex is pulling, that the whole rendition is rendered hilarious.

Does Chris Pratt sing in the five year engagement?

Case in point: the moment in “The Five-Year Engagement” when slobbish chef Alex (Chris Pratt) sings to his gobsmacked bride Suzie (Alison Brie).

Where was the 5 year engagement filmed?

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Production. Parts of the movie take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and scenes were filmed there and in nearby Ypsilanti in June 2011.