What happens when alkyl halide react with sodium ethoxide?

An alkyl halide produces a single alkene when it reacts with sodium ethoxide and ethanol. This alkene undergoes hydrogenation and produces 2−methyl butane.

What happens when sodium ethoxide?

Sodium ethoxide is commonly used as a base in the Claisen condensation and malonic ester synthesis. Sodium ethoxide may either deprotonate the α-position of an ester molecule, forming an enolate, or the ester molecule may undergo a nucleophilic substitution called transesterification.

Which alkyl halide is treated with sodium ethoxide?


Is sodium ethoxide a strong nucleophile?

A strong base (frequently used in E2 and enolate reactions) and a good nucleophile. Structure of ethoxide ion. Sodium ethoxide as a base in an E2 reaction, illustrating Zaitsev’s rule.

What are leaving group give example?

Common anionic leaving groups are halides such as Cl−, Br−, and I−, and sulfonate esters such as tosylate (TsO−). Fluoride (F−) functions as a leaving group in the nerve agent sarin gas. Common neutral molecule leaving groups are water and ammonia.

Is NH a good leaving group?

Typically the leaving group is an anion (e.g. Cl-) or a neutral molecule (e.g. H2O)….

Excellent TsO-, NH3
Very Good I-, H2O
Good Br-
Fair Cl-
Poor F-

What is the action of sodium ethoxide on ethyl bromide?

e.g., When ethyl bromide is heated with sodium ethoxide, diethyl ether is formed. (2) Mixed (unsymmetrical) ether : When an alkyl halide and sodium alkoxide having different alkyl groups are heated, unsymmetrical ether is obtained. When methyl bromide is heated sodium ethoxide, ethyl methyl ether is formed.

How sodium ethoxide is formed?

Sodium ethoxide is prepared by the reaction of ethanol with aqueous sodium hydroxide.

Which is best leaving group among following?

N2 is best leaving group among given. Best leaving group are self detachable. N2 is self detachable. Was this answer helpful?