What is a blunt file?

Definition of blunt file : a file having parallel edges.

What is a blunt instrument called?

Tools such as hammers, wrecking bars, pipe wrenches, or heftier flashlights such as the Maglite or Kel-Lite. Parts of tools, such as pickaxe handles. Sports equipment such as cricket or baseball bats, hockey sticks, pool cues, golf clubs, etc.

Are bullets blunt objects?

Examples of a blunt instrument include baseball bats, canes, rocks, and hockey sticks. In contrast, penetrating instruments, such as knives or bullets, have sharp points or edges and usually cause wounds easier than blunt instruments.

What does blunt trauma mean?

Definitions. Blunt force trauma: Injuries resulting from an impact with a dull, firm surface or object. Individual injuries may be patterned (eg ,characteristics of the wound suggest a particular type of blunt object) or nonspecific.

What is a rough file?

: a file of the grade having the coarsest cutting ridges.

What does blunt instrument mean in economics?

Economic sanctions have been referred to as a blunt instrument that the international community has often wielded without full consideration of the impact that these measures will have on the population of the targeted countries, particularly the weakest elements of society.

What do blunt objects produce?

Pressure abrasions: occur when there is a slow, prolonged compression of the skin by a blunt object, which results in a dried, parchment-like abrasion (e.g. hanging mark)

Are hammers lethal?

Apart from blows to the head or spine, mace and hammers aren’t likely to kill. Single-handed ones could knock unconscious through a helmet and break limbs – at least from horseback – but that’s about the extent of their effectiveness.

What is a tear in the skin caused by a blunt instrument called?

laceration, tearing of the skin that results in an irregular wound. Lacerations may be caused by injury with a sharp object or by impact injury from a blunt object or force.

Which of the following is an example of blunt trauma?

Examples of Blunt Trauma Collision between a pedestrian or bicyclist and a motor vehicle. Contact collisions in sports. Physical assaults, such as a punch to the body. Falls, especially from a great height.

What is a blunt instrument?

A blunt instrument is any solid object used as a weapon, which damages its target by applying direct mechanical force, and has no penetrating point or edge, or is wielded so that the point or edge is not the part of the weapon that inflicts the injury.

Is appraisal a blunt instrument?

‘Appraisal is a blunt instrument and as yet (despite being in operation for nearly three years) has probably not identified a single doctor whose performance is seriously deficient.’ ‘The concept of ‘a link is a vote’ is a blunt instrument.’

What are the dangers of blunt instruments?

Blunt instruments typically inflict blunt force trauma, causing bruising, fractures and other internal bleeding. Depending on the parts of the body attacked, organs may be ruptured or otherwise damaged. Attacks with a blunt instrument may be fatal. Some sorts of blunt instruments are very readily available, and often figure in crime cases.

Was a bottle a blunt instrument then a sharp one?

‘A bottle was a blunt instrument, then a sharp one.’ ‘The gap year student was attacked with a heavy blunt instrument as she walked from the bus stop, and died yards from her house.’ ‘Moments later the killer struck, hitting her with what police are describing as a heavy, blunt instrument.’