What is a Craftsman laser Trac used for?

Laser Trac™ level is a highly versatile laser tool that replaces the traditional pencil line, carpenter’s mark and chalk line. Includes precision leveling base, tripod mount base, wall mount base.

How do you calibrate a Craftsman laser?

Start as before with the laser level facing a wall at least 20 feet away. Tape a piece of paper to the wall and mark where the line is shining. A straightedge or ruler might be useful to make it totally straight. Next, rotate the laser level 180 degrees and shine the light on the same spot.

How do you unlock a Sears Craftsman miter saw?

To lock and unlock the pin, the blade must be in the farthest down position. The pin will not unlock, even though the saw is down. You must push the saw down as far as it will go, then pull the pin out to release the blade.

How do you use a laser level?

How to Use a Laser Level to Level Ground

  1. Set up the laser level on a tripod on stable ground.
  2. Give it time to self-level.
  3. Identify a point on the ground at your desired height.
  4. Attach the laser detector to a measuring rod and place the rod at this point.
  5. Adjust the laser detector up and down.

Do laser levels need calibration?

The calibration of Laser Levels is an extremely important step to ensure that the alignment and accuracy remain within the manufacturer’s specifications. Most of the accurate laser levels will have a level accuracy of 1/16 inch at 100 feet.

How do you unlock a Craftsman Laser Trac saw?

How do you turn on the laser on a Craftsman miter saw?

How to Adjust the Laser on a Craftsman Miter Saw

  1. Mark a straight line across a piece of scrap wood with a pencil.
  2. Lower the handle of the miter saw until the blade is to the left side of the line.
  3. Turn on the laser on the saw handle.
  4. Loosen the screw 1/8 turn with a Phillips screwdriver.

Can you use a laser level to level ground?

The answer is yes, you can use a laser level to level ground. A laser level ensures proper grading so that the surface is perfectly evened out or. It has a simple, easy to use design: This area does not need to be perfectly square or.