What is a DSAM in cable?

Digital Services Activation Meter (DSAM) www.jdsu.com/nse. DSAM — An All-in-One Tester Designed for Your Business. Simply being able to test complete digital and internet protocol (IP) services is not enough in today’s market.

What is a DSAM?

DSAM. Digital Subsurface Asset Management (software technology to model the earth’s subsurface economic potential)

What is a QAM ingress test used to see?

The QAM Ingress test lets technicians see spectrum underneath a live digital carrier which is usually not viewable due to the presence of the “haystack.” Field View provides the communication between Viavi PathTrak™ return- path monitoring systems and field meters such as the DSAM-6300.

What is JDSU DSAM?

JDSU introduced the DSAM when DOCSIS standards pushed the industry to adopt a common technology for delivering flawless high-speed data and IP services. This award-winning, landmark meter integrated well-known JDSU SAM functions with a DOCSIS cable modem element and a PC-based management and file system.

What is the JDSU QAM index?

This JDSU exclusive measurement is extremely effective in tracking intermittent problems. QAM signal health is represented by an easy to understand index rating from “0” to “10” with 10 being the highest quality. DQI also catches errors sometimes missed by BER and errored seconds measurements.

What is the JDSU Digital Services Activation meter?

Service providers need to deploy services quicker and ensure quality installations the first time, every time. Enter the JDSU Digital Services Activation Meter.The Digital Services Activation Meter (DSAM) advanced and unique test features help assure customer satisfaction.

What is the support plan for a JDSU?

JDSU support plans provide reassurance that your hardware investment is well protected and that your equipment is available, functional, and up to date. The TechComplete Test Productivity Pack lets supervisors easily configure, update, and upgrade DSAMs in the field. 9 DSAM-6300 DigitAl Service AnAlySiS Meter