What is a FotoFinder?

FotoFinder Systems is a global provider for cutting-edge skin imaging technology. FotoFinder stands for the sharpest photos, best image quality and reliability you can count on. FotoFinder offers a variety of professional photo solutions for face and body, total body photography, dermoscopy, trichoscopy and research.

What is Digital mole mapping?

FotoFinder is a digital mole mapping system that takes high-resolution digital photographs and uses sophisticated software to monitor your moles. It compares a series of photographs to your baseline photos allowing for the early detection of new or changing moles.

How much does a dermatoscope cost?

The prices of some instruments can be as low as 150 USD or less, while the newest, dermatoscope may cost as much as 10000 USD.

What does a melanoma look like under a dermatoscope?

Acral melanoma Dermoscopically, it is characterised by a broad parallel ridge pattern rather than the benign parallel furrow pattern. The asymmetry and other features of superficial melanoma may be present. Little white dots on the ridges are sweat ducts (acrosyringia) and confirm palmoplantar location.

How effective is mole mapping?

Research has shown that mole mapping catches melanoma thinner and earlier at a much higher survival rate. Melanoma caught early has about a 99% survival rate of five years, whereas if you catch it later, this rate can drop to around 60%.

What do you wear to mole mapping?

If you are having mole mapping (i.e. total body photography), you should wear plain coloured underwear without a pattern.

Do Dermatofibromas go away?

Dermatofibromas are harmless growths that develop on the skin. However, they will not usually go away on their own. A person can opt for the surgical removal of unsightly or uncomfortable growths, or they can try a variety of other, less invasive treatments.

Can a Dermascope see melanoma?

Since dermatoscopes can enhance a doctor’s view of the skin, they can aid in the diagnosis of skin conditions, such as melanoma. In one 2018 review, researchers found that using a dermatoscope was more effective in diagnosing melanoma than a simple visual inspection of a skin lesion.

How often should you do mole mapping?

In most cases, no melanoma will be found. Under these circumstances, we will usually offer to repeat the screening in 6 to 12 months, or sooner if you notice any changes in the meantime. At these follow-up screenings, your previously stored photographs are used as a baseline to detect any new or changing lesions.

How often should you get moles mapped?

Then, over weeks, months or years, the dermatologist will compare any changes to what they mapped the first time, to spot melanoma early if it happens. Mole mapping isn’t necessary unless you are at high risk of melanoma. Talk to your doctor if you’re worried about skin cancer.

What is FotoFinder?

FotoFinder is the global epitome of cutting-edge skin visualization technology. As a world leader in skin imaging systems, FotoFinder Systems stands for the sharpest photos, best image quality and unconditional reliability.

How does FotoFinder AI for mole pre-assessment work?

Several studies approve the power of FotoFinder AI in terms of sensitivty and specificity. While the first algorithms were based on Machine Learning, today’s FotoFinder AI for mole pre-assessment uses most modern Deep Learning models as its basis. The human capability to learn from examples and experiences is transfered to the computer.

How do I use artificial intelligence in FotoFinder?

In order to use the full potential of Artificial Intelligence, you require an access to the internet as well as a “PRO” account in the FotoFinder Hub.