What is a turret position?

The name derives from the pre-existing noun turret, from the French “touret”, diminutive of the word “tower”, meaning a self-contained protective position which is situated on top of a fortification or defensive wall as opposed to rising directly from the ground, in which case it constitutes a tower.

What is the function of the turret?

It evolved from earlier lathes with the addition of the turret, which is an indexable toolholder that allows multiple cutting operations to be performed, each with a different cutting tool, in easy, rapid succession, with no need for the operator to perform set-up tasks in between (such as installing or uninstalling …

What is BMT turret?

BMT is the newest technology for Mill Turn machine and it is more rigid solution. When mounting the tool holder to turret, operator uses 4 screws to tighten the tool holder, which is located and further secured with locating keys present on the turret face.

What is a CNC turret?

A turret holds a group of tools and rotates to bring a new cutting tool into position. Changing tools involves: Pulling the current tool back, typically with a Z-axis or combined X- and Z-axis motion. Rotating the turret until the correct tool is in position.

What is horizontal turret and vertical turret?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Turret lathes with vertical-axis and inclined-axis turrets are furnished with cross slides in addition to turret slides, whereas those with a horizontal-axis turret have no cross slide since the cross feed of the tool is effected by the turret slide itself.

What is turret in microscope?

On a compound microscope the turret is the ring holding the objective lenses allowing the operator to rotate them into position as needed.

How does the turret head work?

Turret tool head moves along with the saddle over the entire bed in the longitudinal direction. For indexing turret tool head, the handwheel of the ram is reversed and turret tool index automatically. For indexing turret tool head, a turret is rotated manually after releasing clamping lever.

What is BMT tooling?

BMT is the newest technology for Mill Turn machine and it is a more rigid solution. When the tool holder is mounted to the turret, four screws are used to tighten the tool holder, and is further secured with keys that are located on the turret face.

What is a VDI holder?

VDI holders (or “Verein Deutscher Ingenieure”, which roughly translates to Society of German Engineers) have a serrated shaft that is inserted into an opening on the face of the turret. The tool is held in place by a mating part with teeth that is housed inside the turret…

What is turret in lathe machine?

A turret lathe is a type of metalworking lathe that’s characterized by the use of interchangeable cutting tools. Like traditional lathes, it presses a stationary cutting tool against a rotating workpiece. Turret lathes are unique, however, because of their interchangeable cutting tools.

How many tools can a tool turret hold?

Small CNC lathe machines normally comes with a tool turret capacity of 4 or 8 tools stations. Bigger and heavy CNC lathe machines tool turrets are big and heavy and accordingly will hold more tools such as 12 or more.

What is turret type?

There are several basic types of tool turrets. Crown turrets have an indexing face and an axis of rotation that is angled to the tool turret’s mounting surface. They hold live tooling machine tools, such as drills, that are driven or rotated. Most crown turrets are used in high performance, mass production machining.